March 10, 2018
security guard duties

Top Security Guard Duties

While the specific security guard duties vary depending on the assignment, there are a few duties that are similar across the industry. A security guard is the eyes and ears of the client they work for. In addition to detecting and addressing security threats, security guards have the important duty of enforcing the rules before problems occur. The Top 6 Security Guard Duties Keeping the premises secure Your client wants their building and land kept safe. They want people who set foot on their property kept safe too along with their personal property. Keeping property and people safe means developing […]
March 2, 2018
security guard resume

Certifications to help your Security Guard Resume

Security Guards play an important role in society. It is these men and women who stand in the first line of defense in protecting the establishments people frequent often, such as retail institutions, entertainment facilities and other public venues. With crimes like burglary on the rise, those with security skills are gaining momentum in the labor market. The United States Department of Labor’s Statistics Bureau reports that jobs in the industry are expected to grow by 18 percent this year. However, in order to obtain a good career in this fast-growing industry, a candidate must have a solid security guard […]
February 23, 2018
security guard interview tips

Security Guard Job Interview Tips

If you are interested in venturing into the security guard field, then follow these steps to ace your interview. Just like any other job interview, you’ll want to impress your interviewer. Here are our top tips for interviewing for a security guard job. Research the security guard company you are interviewing with In our experience, candidates come into security guard job interviews without doing any due diligence on the company they are applying to work with. This doesn’t mean simply looking at their website. You’ll want to research beyond the ‘about us’ page, and look into some of the company […]
February 15, 2018
Hiring a Security Officer

How to Determine if you need a Security Guard for your Business

It is essential for business owners to address concerns around the security of their business. One route you may want to consider is retaining the services of a security guard service to ensure the safety of your business, your employees, and your customers. Here, we’ll look at the top reasons for considering enlisting the services of a guard service. 6 Reasons to Consider Hiring Security Parking Lot Safety – Most business owners rent their buildings, which can mean they have limited control over the condition of the exterior of the property. Among other factors,you may not have control over the safety […]
February 9, 2018
US Government Security Clearance

Your Guide to Obtaining a Government Security Clearance

To obtain employment with many government agencies or departments, you must be able to obtain a security clearance that is prepared following a thorough investigation of your personal background. Depending on the degree of potential sensitivity of information to which you might be granted access, such an investigation can range from “routine” (a basic check of your criminal and credit history) to “comprehensive” (an in-depth investigation of every facet of your life up to the time that your prospective employer submitted its request for such an investigation). Eligibility for Security Clearance Eligibility for a security clearance is set forth in […]
January 3, 2018
cruise ship security

Cruise Ship Security Guards – Hot Job Alert

A cruise ship is like a city unto itself. It’s big, loud, and crammed with plenty of tourists and staff. Because there are so many people in such close proximity, cruise ships need security guards to maintain order and keep a proper watch over the ship. A cruise ship security guard is required to watch all points of the ship. They screen guests, crew members and luggage. During the course of the trip, cruise ship security are required to perform several security tasks and duties to ensure the safety of ship’s passengers and crew: Conduct access control for passengers, crew […]