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Requisites for Maine Security Guards

Maine law does not require people who are working for security companies to be licensed, so long as the security company a person is working for is licensed. This is important information to know for those living in Maine and wanting to work as a security guard. It could be a huge waste of time and money to take a security guard training course which is not needed, however security guard courses do cover the basic skills a security guard needs to have and therefore a course may still be helpful if a person chooses to go that direction. Also, it may make a person more marketable for jobs if they have undergone security guard training on their own time and dime.

Most people in Maine who are wishing to work security choose to simply apply for security jobs with security companies. Upon being hired the company will have their own requirements and training procedures in order to train. Some of these steps may include taking an 8 hour security guard training course which informs on the power to arrest, laws and state regulations, report writing and other necessary skills a security guard needs to have.

In Maine, armed security guards do need a weapons permit and firearms training. This has to do with Maine gun laws, as well as the responsibility of carrying a gun in the work force. It is important that armed guards are familiar with all the state laws which they can be held accountable to in the instance that they would have to use their weapon. Armed security jobs in Maine are not to be taken lightly, as a person seeking such positions will have to undergo extensive background checks and drug tests. This is to ensure that the people in these positions are upstanding, trustworthy citizens. These people need to be there for the sole purpose of protecting Maine’s citizens and property in the area they are entrusted to guard.

Security Guard Jobs in Maine

Maine’s job outlook for security guards is good, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The security guard industry is projected to continue to grow over the next decade in Maine, as with most states across the country. Therefore it may be the right time to get into the security guard profession in Maine. To search security guard jobs in Maine, visit this site.