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Delaware Security Guard Training and Licensing

Delaware Security licenses are processed through the state police department. Security officers are law enforcement officers, and therefore are treated as such in Delaware. Delaware candidates either need to take the course and pass the test before applying with the police department for a license, or they may apply, but then must complete the course and test within 30 days of submitting the application. Delaware requires a 16 hour state approved course in order to work as security. This is twice what most states require. Del Tech campuses in Delaware proctor the state test, which needs to be passed in order to obtain proper documentation to work as a security guard. The campus will supply you with a certificate upon passing, which is submitted to the state department in addition to your application (or within 30 days). There are then processing fees, fingerprinting to be completed, and photographs to take and submit. If all components are properly completed and passed, your photo ID security license will be mailed to the address you put on the application. Therefore it is vital to ensure the address is written properly and completely.

The application itself for Delaware Security Guards is 3 pages long and is rather self-explanatory and straightforward. It lists the required steps, submission, fees and necessary qualifications. It can be found on the Delaware State Police Department website at:

Requirements for Security Guards in Delaware

Basic requirements necessary for even considering applying for security license in Delaware include the following: 18 or 21 (unarmed or armed), very strict background requirements from no felonies down to misdemeanors and even moral turpitude, can’t have been convicted of assault III in the last 3 years, and security guard training must be completed at approved locations with approved instructors. The webpage listed above also includes a list of approved instructors, particularly for armed guard training, which is an even more particular list of requirements and trainings. Armed guards need the minimum 16 hours and then additional course work on firearms use and safety. Qualified applicants will be required to go through additional background checks.

Delaware takes the position of security guard very seriously, which is why they have very stringent requirements, and controls the details down to who is teaching the courses. A person who obtains a security guard license in Delaware should be regarded with respect as an officer of the law who was is an upstanding, well-trained citizen turned guard.