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Alaska Security Guard Certification

In Alaska, the department of public safety statewide services is in charge of licensing individuals for work as security guards. As with most states, people in Alaska need to be 18, graduated high school and have a fingerprinting background check cleared. The application itself is 3 pages long. With the application a person needs to provide proof of insurance, a photograph of themselves, fingerprinting completion proof, and 2 different checks for a total of $99.75. When applying for an armed guard license in Alaska a person needs to also attach their armed guard certificate to the application. Just as with any state, armed guard training is longer and there are more requirements. A person who has been convicted of a felon within the previous 10 years may not apply to become a security guard.

As with most states, Alaska requires 8 initial hours of security guard training prior to being hired, and then more hours after being hired by a security company and beginning work. 48 hours total is what is expected to be completed within 6 months of getting a job as security guard in Alaska. It is important when selecting a training program to make sure that the state of Alaska has approved the program you select. This will save you both time and money and ensure that you will not have to duplicate training hours. All security guards in Alaska are required to take yearly refresher courses in order to keep their license up to date. These refresher courses are set in place to ensure that everyone working as a guard (which is considered a law enforcement position) are up to date with all the most recent laws and regulations.

Finally, Alaska applicants are required to sign and notarize the application, part of which is stating that you are not addicted to alcohol or drugs, and that you are of sound mental health. It is a binding document, therefore persons who cannot truthfully attest to those items need not apply.

Copies of Alaska applications, as well as laws and regulation on security guards can be located at: