Michigan Security Guard Company Training Programs

Working for Security Guard Companies in Michigan

Only the security company itself needs a license to work in Michigan. This involves being insured and properly licensed to be able to run a security group or company. The individual security guard in Michigan does not need a license to work security. Therefore, the best way to obtain a job working security in Michigan is to apply for open security guard jobs. Once hired, the company itself will conduct the security guard training necessary to meet their policy standards. A company may require an individual to do a training course, and will require fingerprinting and background checks prior to hiring. This is a standard requirement across the country for those wishing to work security. Individual companies may have additional requirements (such as drug testing, etc.) but all will require fingerprinting and a background check.

Armed guards in Michigan need to have further training, background checks and obtain a weapons permit. This is state law, which is set in place to ensure that people who are carrying a gun on the job are properly trained in firearms safety and are trustworthy individuals. Armed security guard training will cover shooting, safety, and laws that a person in possession of a weapon needs to have. It is vital that a person working armed security in Michigan be familiar with all the gun laws, so that in the instance that they would need to use their weapon they are informed on what they can and cannot be held accountable for.

For companies looking for more information about the licensing process, requirements, and Michigan laws – which are in place for security companies – a person can visit the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). The LARA website contains information and applications, as well as employee fingerprint requirements and forms which a security company must have on file for all their employees. The web address for the department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs in Michigan is: www.michigan.gov/lara/ many forms and additional information can be found here, as well as contact information for state offices.

Security Guard Jobs in Michigan

The Detroit-Warren-Livonia, MI area has a high employment rate, with almost 14,000 security guard jobs, according to the US Labor Statistics. Detroit is followed by the Warren-Troy-Farmington Hills, MI Metropolitan Division with almost 8,000 jobs, and the Detroit-Livonia-Dearborn, MI Metropolitan Division with near 6,000 jobs. Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights and Lansing are also of note. Security Guard jobs are projected to continue to rise in Michigan over the next decade. The country is utilizing security more and more in public places of all kinds. Hospitals, schools, events, power plants, and businesses all use security companies and their employees as the first line of defense when protecting people and property. The need for security guards will continue throughout the next several years, which is great news for those working in the profession.