South Carolina Training – Security Guard Classes

South Carolina – Information About Security Guard Training

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, or SLED, is in charge of processing and administering licenses to people who are working as security guards. The person who wishes to become a security guard is not responsible for the application process alone. In fact, without a security company hiring them, a person cannot apply for a license within the state. So the first step to becoming a security guard in South Carolina is to apply for open security guard positions with local security companies, interview and be hired to work as a guard. The company will then walk you through the required process of background checks, fingerprinting, drug testing, and security guard training.

In South Carolina the training that is required for new guards is a curriculum which the South Carolina Technical College Private Security Training developed and runs. This is the approved program of course work for security guards in South Carolina. A person will complete the security guard training shortly after being hired by a security company. Either the company will administer the security training themselves, or they will send the trainee to a sight for training. Keep in mind that often the cost of training and fees for background checks and drug testing typically come out of the pocket of the new employee. This is all part of the process of becoming properly certified to work security guard jobs in South Carolina. Also, anyone wishing to work security in South Carolina must be a high school graduate with a minimum age of 18. They need to have a clean history and good references. Hiring South Carolina security companies expect candidates to be good upstanding citizens.

South Carolina Armed Security Training

If you are hoping to become an armed guard in South Carolina there is more involved. A person must be 21, they must have a spotless record, and the security company who they work for must be behind their goal as it is the security company’s responsibility to forward applications to SLED for proper licensing. Additional armed security guard training hours will need to be completed on top of the basic training needed to become an unarmed guard. In the state of South Carolina rifles and shotguns are not accepted as a weapon for a security guard. Most armed security guards supply their own registered and permitted handgun for their use on the job, however, some companies do provide their employees with company issued weapons. Keep in mind that all state and federal laws regarding the use of handguns on the job will need to be known and kept.