Security Guard Programs, Classes & Training in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon Security Guard Training License

A license is required by the state of Oregon for people working as security guards. In order to obtain a license to work security in Oregon a person must meet the minimum requirements, complete a security guard training course and complete the application. The minimum requirements of security guards in Oregon are that person must be 18, they also must be done with high school (have graduated or received their GED), and they must clear all checks. Checks in Oregon include looking at a person’s criminal background, obtaining fingerprinting through the FBI, mental health clearance, and no drug or alcohol dependencies. All of these are part of the pre-requisites for being hired by a security company in Oregon. If a person meets the qualification then they can apply to security companies for open security guard jobs in Portland or greater Oregon.

Upon being hired a person will begin the security guard training and application process. In Oregon security guards must complete a 12 hour training program from a certified instructor. It is important to ensure that the instructor’s certification is up to date, otherwise you may be required to re-take the program be a trainer with a current certificate.

Once all of these components are complete a person can then fill out the required application and follow the steps laid out by the Oregon DPSST:

Armed Security Guard License in Oregon

For those wishing to pursue armed security in Oregon, they too must go through the licensing process in order to become an unarmed guard. Then they may continue their education in order to obtain the proper permits and license to carry a firearm on their person when they are working security for the company they are employed with. In addition to the requirements above, a person in Oregon wishing to gain their armed guard license must be a minimum of 21 years old. Individuals must also hold a valid Oregon state driver’s license. The additional training required consists of 24 hours of instruction. Armed guard hopefuls must also pass an exam upon completing the extra hours of security guard training, and prior to being licensed.

Again, it is important to be sure that anyone instructing the security guard courses in Oregon have up to date certification for instructing through the state of Oregon, without this certification the security guard training is useless to the person paying for it, as it will not be recognized by the state when applying for the security guard license.