Security Equipment Gear

A security guard often carries a lot of gear. Most of this security equipment is supplied by the security guards themselves, as much of it is necessary and useful on the job, but much of it is not provided by the employers. So what are the things that many security guards find especially useful to have with them on the job? Anything from flashlights to pepper spray are some of the items that security guards find helpful on the job. The following list explains items that you may want to have as security gear for security guard & police officer duty.

Security Guard Equipment

#1. Security Guard Boots:  Every security guard needs some good solid boots for the job. Most security guards work on their feet most of the day doing patrols, a good pair of boots makes the difference between being sore after a long day of work and feeling great. It is important to get solid boots with good support. Don’t skimp when buying boots. If you buy a really good pair of boots they can last your entire life, whereas if you buy cheap boots you will likely be buying boots a few times a year. Most security guard companies require their guards to where black boots, although it may be wise to double check with your employer to verify their specific requirements, prior to investing in a quality pair of security guard boots.

#2. Flashlight:  One of the most important pieces security gear that a security guard can carry is a flashlight. Not only can a flashlight be used for the obvious (shedding light in dark places), but it can also be used as a striking device for necessary situations or possibly even protection. Even security guards who work during the day often need a flashlight for instances that require some extra light. Many security guards carry large Maglite flashlights. These are the most durable, bright, and often fit perfectly into a utility type belt that is often a part of the security guard or police officer uniform. Even though a flashlight may be used as a weapon in some scenarios, a permit isn’t required to carry one (as with other weapons). There are actually courses which are sometimes offered on using items such as a flashlight in a combat situation. These courses may be particularly helpful for unarmed security guard work.

#3. Baton:  Unlike the flashlight, in almost all states, people are required to complete a training prior to being authorized to carry a baton. Some security guard companies require all of their security guards to complete such a training prior to working as a security guard. Batons are considered weapons. They are useful in a situation that requires protection or force, but they are also useful in simply being a statement of authority by the person who is carrying it. Most people who can see a baton on a person of authorities’ belt, will know that it is important to remain calm in all situations in order to avoid the possibility of a baton being needed. So, simply wearing a baton on one’s belt as part of your security gear arsenal can often prevent situations from escalating more than they need to.

#4. Belt:  In order to carry most of the items a security guard needs another very important item to have as a security guard is a Belt. Security equipment belts are often heavy duty black belts with additional slide or clip on attachments which supply the wearer with places to hold the items they carry. This allows security guards to be able to quickly access their equipment when needed. Some security guards even practice grabbing items from their belt in order to ensure that in an emergency situation they can quickly find the item that is needed for the particular situation.

#5. Pepper Spray:  Security guards who are not certified to carry a gun while on duty may opt to carry pepper spray as part of their security tactical gear. Pepper spray can be a great tactical way to stop a person who is trying to attack yourself or someone else in an emergency situation (without inflicting permanent harm or damage to the attacker). Pepper spray is usually legal for a person to carry without a permit and without any official training, however, some states do require people in a position of authority (like security officers) to be properly trained on how to use it prior to carrying it as part of their security tactical gear. Some people claim that certain brands of pepper spray are better than others. UDAP is one of the brands that is claimed to be the best.

#6. First Aid Kit:  Not only are first aid kits handy in case a security guard gets injured on the job, but also helpful if someone within the vicinity of a security guards perimeter gets injured. There are miniature first aid kits available to purchase that are compact and my fit in a pocket or pouch for when needed. Make sure that your security gear first aid kit includes a pair of plastic gloves for safety reason, especially if you are assisting a bleeding person. This is both for your protection and theirs.

#7. Cell Phone:  A cell phone with a camera and video capacity is a recommended piece of security gear equipment. Not only is a cell phone important in the event that a security guard needs to call in other authorities such as the fire department, police department or ambulance, but it is also good to have a camera in order to document events. Photos and video footage may even be used in court if a security guard was called to testify about a particular incident. Taking pictures of anything you feel may be evidence in a given situation (such as people, cars, crime scenes etc.) may help in report situation.

#8. Pen and Paper:  One of the biggest responsibilities of a security guard is to observe and report. Having a pen and paper handy in order to jot down important details about occurrences is particularly vital for security guards to do in order to fulfill their job descriptions adequately. It may seem insignificant, but a pen and paper is also an important part of police duty gear and other law enforcement positions, such as the FBI.

#9. Handgun and/or Bullet Proof Vest:  Some security guards do get licensed to carry a handgun as part of the job, and many jobs actually require their guards to carry a gun. In order to become an armed security guard this to happen a person needs to go through the proper training for security tactical gear. Even if you don’t carry a handgun (but especially if you do) it may be wise to wear some sort of protective body armor. Security guards work in the line of duty, which means that they could come upon a situation where a person is armed and angry. Having a bullet proof vest as part of your tactical security gear may save a security guards life in one of these dangerous scenarios. For the best and safest options consider police tactical gear or riot gear quality.

#10. Sunglasses:  Sunglasses serve many purposes for security guard equipment on the job. One purpose is as simple as protecting one’s eyes from harmful UV light. Also, some security guards find it helpful to the job to be able to hide one’s eyes, that way people will not know where you are watching. In addition to these reasons, sunglasses can actually protect a security guard from objects which are thrown at them, or other unwanted foreign objects entering the eye in a physical alteration. A pair of tactical or sport sunglasses is recommended, this is not about style.

#11. Warmers of any kind:  Especially in the winter in colder climates, some security guard work involves being outdoors in freezing temperatures. For this reason, security guard gear may need to include hand or feet warmers. These are relatively inexpensive, disposable devices which can be cracked to release heat for cold situations. On especially cold days, or nights, a security guard may need to have on wool socks, long underwear, and some even wear heated vests!

#12. Common Sense and Good Judgement:  Some of the most essential items a security guard carries are not actually physical objects, but rather are the personal qualities a person should develop in order to become a great security guard. Some of these attributes are items such as common sense, knowing when to be concerned about certain scenarios or people. Good judgement about when and how to act in order to prevent dangerous situations from escalating. A good security guard knows how to stay calm, cool and collected especially when those around them are not. Many of these attributes are inherent in an individual prior to working as a security guard, while some attributes can be honed through job experience, or even by watching and learning from more experienced security guards. Anytime you witness another security guard displaying an attribute that you find admirable, it is important to take note, or even to ask them how they were able to cultivate this skill. Never be too proud to learn from another individual who is doing a great job at what they do, learning from others is one of the very best ways to glean and apply wisdom from a person who may have had to go through years of trial and error prior to becoming competent at a particular skill or attribute. Always remain teachable, this may be one of the very best characteristics a security guard can have.

Security Guard Gear

As you can see, there are many items that a security guard can carry, and some of these pieces of security gear are absolutely essential to the job. This list is by no means exhaustive, however. You may find that there are more items that are vital to your particular duty or position. In conclusion, a security guard should always keep their wits about them, first and foremost, and the rest of these security duty gear items will aid along the way.

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