Mississippi – Security Guard Classes, Courses & Training

Mississippi – Security Guard Classes, Courses & Training

For unarmed security guards in Mississippi no permit or license is required by the state. Some cities (such as in Jackson) however, do require permits for people working security within their city limits. Often these rules and regulations are on a city by city basis, and will be made known to you when applying for and getting hired by a security company. The companies themselves are required to be familiar with state and city laws they (and their employees) must adhere to.  Thus it is important to check with your local city regarding their specific regulations, as Jackson, Gulfport, Southaven, Hattiesburg, and Biloxi, may have different guidelines for security guards.

In Mississippi a person wishing to work as a security guard needs to have already graduated high school (or obtained their equivalent GED certificate) and be at least 18 years of age. They will also need to undergo fingerprinting through the FBI, background checks through Mississippi and the rest of the country, and have a drug test. Mississippi laws are set up this way to make sure that the people working as security guards (which is a position of authority) are clear of any past items which may show a lack of solid character in the individual.

Once hired by a security company in Mississippi, an individual will undergo security guard training according to either the city laws, or by whatever standard the security company sees fit. Some areas require guards to undergo a minimum number of course hours on basic security guard skills and laws. These security guard classes can often be completed at local college or tech schools, but many people often opt to complete the course hours online. One of the main items which these courses cover is the power to arrest, which is a significant piece of security guards job, as well as communication, observation and report writing.

Armed Security Guard Training in Mississippi

For armed security guards in Mississippi a guard will need obtain a permit from the firearms permit unit which is typically found through the department of public safety, local police department, or city clerk’s office – depending on where in Mississippi you live. For those living in the Jackson MS area, the website for the Department of Public Safety and all the information on security guard  training and firearm permits is: www.dps.state.ms.us. This website explains the fees related to acquiring a permit for firearms as well as other vital security guard information and laws. There is a required security guard training course for people wishing to work as an armed guard. The course will cover weapon safety, laws, as well as care and use of the weapon itself.