Vermont – Security Guard Training Classes and Courses

Becoming a Security Guard in Vermont

Each state in the US must follow certain federal laws regarding who can work security, but there are many decisions which are left up to the state or even individual cities. Some states require a license to work as a security guard; Vermont is one of those states. In Vermont, a person wishing to work security must be 18 and have completed high school. The Vermont board of Private Investigators and Security Services makes the regulations regarding the security guard training requirements for licensing. They also process the applications and determine whether or not an applicant will be approved for a security guard license.

Requirements of Applying for a Security Guard License in Vermont

In Vermont an individual wishing to apply for a security guard license must have a valid social security card. They will be required to complete one set of fingerprinting cards and pay the associated fees for having the fingerprints run through the FBI database for proper clearance. The security guard training requirements in Vermont consist of a 40 hour course which covers items such as power to arrest, report writing, observation and communication. This course need to be completed and certificate obtained prior to applying for the license as the certificate is needed to prove completion (which is a requirement for the license application). The security application in Vermont also requires character references as part of the process. They take very seriously who they allow to work security as it is considered a law enforcement official, therefore individuals should be upstanding citizens themselves.

Armed Security Process in Vermont

For those people wishing to licensed as armed guards in Vermont they need to meet the above requirements and additional ones as well. On top of the 40 hours of security guard training, a 21 year old (or older) must complete a firearms training which will include safety, legal responsibility, time at a firing range, and an exam which needs to be passed. Vermont requires these trainings to be completed at least two years before applying for the armed guard license. Firearms are serious business and they require responsible individuals to carry them, therefore Vermont has strict laws on who may become licensed and how to obtain your license as an armed guard.

For further information on license requirements and procedures a person may visit the Vermont Security of State website at: