Security Guard Courses & Training | Omaha & Lincoln, NE

Nebraska Security Guard Training Overview

Nebraska is one of the states that does not require specific licensing for people working as security guards. If you want to become a security guard in Nebraska, your best bet is to simply begin applying for open security guard jobs with local security companies. In most cases, the hiring company will oversee the applicant’s security guard training in Nebraska. Keep in mind that Nebraska follows the rest of the country in the rules that a person working security needs to be done with high school and be at least 18 years old. People in Nebraska who wish to become armed security guards need to be at least 21. All people wishing to work security (armed or unarmed) need to have clean criminal background checks, they need to have their fingerprints run through FBI and will most likely need to undergo drug testing. Once a person is hired by a particular security company, the company will train the individual, and if there are additional city requirements the company would notify the employees. In Nebraska it is the security company which is required to adhere to all of the standards and requirements the state and county have set in place, the security guard is simply an employee and works under the license and insurance of the company which hired them.

Armed Security Guards in Omaha & Lincoln Nebraska

As far as armed security guards in Nebraska goes, those wishing to work armed security will need to undergo further training and testing. There are courses designed to train people in weapons use on the job. These weapons training courses are required. They often cover safety, gun use, shooting, and laws associated with carrying a firearm. Firearm permits are required of every individual who works armed security in the state of Nebraska. This is designed to protect the citizens, to ensure that individuals working within the state (who are carrying weapons) are properly trained and informed on the matter. There are many federal and state laws which a person carrying a firearm needs to be aware of. It is important, therefore, that a person taking course on firearms and weapons safety are taking this portion of their training seriously. It can be a matter of life and death, both for the person carrying the weapon for work, and the people they are protecting or anyone who comes into contact with the armed guard. Safety is the primary reason why security guards are utilized, therefore it is vital that the individual working the job has safety as their primary objective in mind.