Wisconsin | Security Guard Training in Milwaukee & Madison

Wisconsin Security Guard Registration Requirements

Security guards in the state of Wisconsin are required by law to be registered through the Wisconsin Department of Regulations and licensing. In order to even qualify as a security guard a person must have already reached the age of 18 and have completed high school with a degree, or passed the GED exam and received their certificate. Persons must be legally able to work in the US, and be free of any criminal activity in their past or present. If a person meets these criteria they may begin the process by applying for jobs with security companies in Wisconsin. Once hired they will go through the process of security guard training and registration. The security company which hires you should be aware of the process and regulations in order to achieve registration. Part of it includes going through initial background checks and fingerprinting through the FBI. The hiring security company will train you in the way they see fit. This security guard training may include classroom hours or just field instruction. The website for more information on registration of security guards in Wisconsin is: http://dsps.wi.gov

Armed Guard Training in WI

Armed guard hopefuls in Wisconsin need to meet all of the above criteria and can’t be under the age of 21. Additional training and permits are required in order to carry a gun in Wisconsin, just as with most other states. This is due to the amount of federal and state laws regarding the use and possession of firearms. It is best to be working for a Wisconsin security company who decides to promote you to armed guard – in order to achieve armed guard status. Training will include all the necessary components of gaining permits to carry a weapon. Training also includes safety information, an extensive look at laws regarding the use of firearms on the job, and practice using your weapon at a firing range. All of these steps are set in place to train an individual on the proper care, use and responsibility that comes with the possession of a gun. Being an armed guard is not something to be taken lightly. In the instance that an armed guard is required to use their weapon while on duty, it could result in prosecution depending on the circumstances. Therefore, Wisconsin does not allow just anyone to become armed guards. A person must show that they are responsible and trustworthy, as the safety and trust of the citizens of cities like Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay, are in their hands.

Milwaukee Security Guard Job Statistics

As recorded by the US Division of Occupational Employment Statistics, the Milwaukee, Waukesha, West Allis area has the highest concentration of security guard jobs in Wisconsin (5,180). Following the greater Milwaukee area is Madison WI, which has 1,220 security guard jobs on public record, followed by Green Bay (570) and Appleton (510). Cities like Oshkosh, Neenah, and Janesville all have under 500 employment opportunities on record. To find security guard jobs in Milwaukee, or elsewhere in Wisconsin, start your search here.