Wyoming – Security Guard Courses and Training Classes

Security Guard Training Information – Wyoming

There currently aren’t any state requirements for licensing or registration of unarmed security guards in the state of Wyoming. That being said, a person still needs to be 18 in order to apply and must meet the federal requirements of having a clean background check, being legally able to work in US, and need to have successfully completed either high school or a GED certificate. Individual security companies may have additional requirements (such as a valid driver’s license, necessity of drug testing etc.). Keep in mind too, that just because Wyoming does not have state laws mandating licensing or registration, individual cities or counties may have their own ordinances. It would be wise to check with your county or city clerk’s officer for further information regarding laws in your own area. Security companies will also be aware of any laws which need to be followed in order to maintain employment as an unarmed guard.

Steps to Wyoming Security Guards Jobs

The first step then, in Wyoming, to becoming an unarmed security guard is to begin applying for open jobs with security companies. Once employment with the company is obtained, the company will walk you through the necessary steps to achieve the position. The first steps after being hired are to be fingerprinted and background checked. The fees are usually paid for by the employee, not the employer, so be prepared to pay accordingly. Each security company will have its own policies in place as far as requirements for security guard training. Some security companies train their employees at their facility, some train on the field, while others send their employees to complete training elsewhere. Training often includes the basic requirements of security guard work (patrol, communication, reports, arrests, etc.).

WY Armed Guard Permits

The same is true of armed guards in Wyoming, no license is needed, however permits and proof of firearms training is required before you can physically carry a gun on your person. Again, it is best to walk through this process with the security company which you are employed by. If they deem you fit to pursue an armed guard position then you could complete the necessary training hours needed in order to acquire a firearms permit. Often with armed guards additional checks into a person’s background and character are required before they will be permitted to carry a weapon.