Hawaii – Security Guard Courses – Training

Honolulu Security Guard Training

There are really 3 steps to obtaining your security guard license in Honolulu or greater Hawaii. Step one is to find and take an 8 hour security guard training program which has been approved by the state. Some of these can be found online, otherwise you may check with local community colleges or tech schools for other programs. Some individuals opt to apply for security jobs first, and then follow the recommendations of the hiring companies as to where to complete the necessary training. Hawaii also has a required written test which must be passed in order to achieve a security guard license. It is vital that the security guard training program you choose in Hawaii is Board approved. If you simply take a course online without ensuring that it is approved by the State Board, you may end up wasting time and money.

The second step in Honolulu, Hawaii is to have your fingerprints taken and submitted for an FBI criminal history and background check. The fees associated with this step are the individuals’ responsibility to pay. This is requirement of the process, and if a person’s background check brings up a criminal history that person will not receive a license from the state of Hawaii to work as a security guard.

Step three to becoming a security guard in Hawaii is to submit your application to the board along with proof of completion of the required course work, passing your test, background check, etc. Often the site where you are taking the course will provide copies of the application for you, and help you complete the process. In some ways, this is the benefit to choosing an in person course program, the instructors are familiar with the process and walk the students’ through it to ensure proper completion.

Hawaii Security Guard License Approval

If all components are properly done and all requirements are met, the state of Hawaii would then approve the license, send out a Guard Card mailed to your address and place you on the list of approved board qualified security guards. Companies are then able to check your credentials with the state of Hawaii upon hiring you, to ensure that you have, in fact, met all the requirements and are properly cleared for security work in Honolulu or wherever you are applying.

Armed guards in Hawaii are required to go through additional hours of training and certification prior to being able to carry a weapon on the job. Many people opt to pay for this additional training as the security guard jobs in Honolulu for certified armed guards often pay more, and are slightly more prestigious.