Montana Security Guard Training Classes

Becoming a Security Guard in Montana

The state of Montana does require persons working as security guards to be properly qualified and hold a license. This involves a process of first being hired by a security company. The employer is responsible for the security training, or sending the employee to be properly trained. A portion of the application for the security license is proving that the required security guard training has been successfully completed. The individual must then complete the Montana state application, undergo fingerprinting and background checks. Along with the application a person needs to send in a passport type photo, supporting documents that prove all necessary steps have been completed, and all the fees associated with the application.

The Montana security guard application itself is 10 pages long, however only 6 of those pages have blanks to be filled out; the first 4 pages of the application are detailed instructions on how to apply and what needs to be completed prior to applying. A record of the present employer is required, which means you need to be hired first in order to obtain a security guard license in Montana. One full page and one partial page are a list of questions which need to be read carefully. Answering a question incorrectly could disallow a person from having their application approved by the state of Montana. A character reference is required, as well.

For those wishing to be licensed as an armed guard, further training is necessary, however the application for license is the same as the one for an unarmed guard. On the application there is a place for firearm make and model, caliber, and qualified combat shooting CRS completion date. There are several statements on the application which need to be read carefully and signed. There is a specific form for a character reference to fill out and be submitted, and the final page of the application is a form that needs to be copied and sent out to any and every state you have ever held a security license of any kind in. This is for the state board to fill out and return to Montana, to show that you have or have not ever had a license revoked for any reason in another state. Each state needs to notify the state of Montana on the status of a license in another state, what the number is and weather it is valid/expired or revoked for any reason.