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Security Guard Training in CT

In Connecticut, Security Guard training, regulations and licensing is set forth by the Connecticut Department of Emergency services and Public Protection. In the early 2000s the Connecticut Department, which regulates laws about security, mandated that all security guards must be properly registered with the government to ensure that state and federal standards were being met. This mandate was created to ensure that the people who are working as security guards in Connecticut are upstanding citizens who are trustworthy and responsible. The guidelines include requirements and criteria that the CT security guard training facilities must meet, and criteria for the people applying to work as security within the state.

The first thing a person needs to know if they are wishing to take Connecticut Security Guard classes is that a they must have already reached the age of 18 prior to beginning the process. They must also have a clear history, free from any crime or crime related instances. A person will have to undergo background checks and fingerprinting as part of the Connecticut security guard training and registration process. If a person meets these criteria they may find an approved training program to take their security guard classes through.

The state of Connecticut passed an act back in 2004 which states that the training programs which prospective security guard go to for their course work, need to be approved by the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. The trainers also must have proper credentials through the state. This is why it is important to check with the program regarding their credentials and the trainers’ credentials, prior to signing up for a course with a particular academy. The security guard training program itself will consist of a minimum of 8 hours of class time. This will cover the basic elements of security guard work. Often the security company which hires you will have additional training that is company specific, but the 8 hour course is to cover the state requirements of Connecticut.

Once you have completed your security guard training in CT by an approved Connecticut trainer, the trainer is required to fill out a portion of your application for registration. This application will be sent in along with proof of completed fingerprinting and background check, and any related fees. Once the application has been approved the security guard certification in Connecticut is good for up to 2 years, at which point it will need to be renewed.

Connecticut Armed Security Guard – Training Information

If a person is wishing to become an armed security guard in Connecticut they need to keep in mind that a person in Connecticut cannot gain the armed security guard license unless they are being offered an armed guard position by a security company in the state of Connecticut. It is the companies’ responsibility to assist in the application process, applications aren’t even available online. This is primarily to limit the number of people who are legally able to carry firearms on the job. Only people who need to, and have been determined fit to by the company they work for may apply. That said, if the company determines to have a person apply for an armed guard license in Connecticut, that person will need to undergo additional training in order to obtain a firearms permit from the state of Connecticut. The person will need to be at least 21, and they can’t have ever been disqualified from owning a weapon. The training course an individual takes must have been approved by the commissioner of public safety, and a person must complete and pass all components of said training. Annual refresher courses are required with the gun permits and armed security license to ensure up to date training.

Security Training in Connecticut

As stated before, security guard training in CT needs to be completed by individual trainers who have been certified and approved by the state of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. The CT DESPP is located centrally in Middletown, Connecticut. Check with any training agency about the validity of individual trainers, and ensure that their training is also current. There are CT security guard training programs available through many different companies in cities throughout Connecticut. In Bridgeport Connecticut security guard training can be taken at the shooting range. Even the unarmed 8 hour course can be taken at this location. In Rocky Hill Connecticut Security Guard classes are found at the professional safety training site. East Have Connecticut security guard classes happen at the LJB security training site. Also, some community colleges and tech schools offer the 8 hour security guard training course in Connecticut. Naugatuck Valley Community College in Waterbury Connecticut offers security guard training courses. It is simply important to keep in mind that Connecticut trainers must be certified and hold a valid license through the state for the training to be considered legitimate. Therefore it would be unwise for people in Connecticut to do security guard training online.

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