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Becoming a Security Guard in North Dakota

In order to work as a security guard in the state of North Dakota, a person needs to be registered with the state, however they do not need a license. Only the security company itself needs to be licensed. Security companies and private investigators need to obtain licenses through the state of North Dakota Private Investigation and Security Board. Security Guards who work for a company which has a license and insurance needs to register with the board and train according to the guidelines of the company which hired him or her.

For those wishing to be registered as apprentice security officer in North Dakota they need to first be hired by a security company. This company will take over their security guard training and help them in the process of becoming properly registered. The registration itself is an application to the security board. Before the application can be submitted a person needs to complete a minimum of 12 hours’ worth of either classroom security training, or field experience. Either of these will suffice the states requirements of minimum security guard training time. A person will also need to pay for fingerprinting, and background checks which is part of the process.

The next step up in security is becoming a security officer. Those wishing to become security officers in North Dakota need to have completed a minimum of 32 hours of security guard training in the classroom, and have logged at minimum of 1000 field hours. Above this level is a commissioned security officer. These officers have completed at least 80 hours in the classroom and at least 4000 hours in the field.

Armed Security Guards in Fargo & Bismarck ND

For those individuals seeking the ability to work armed security in North Dakota, this is the commissioned security status. A person needs to be at least 21 and done their 80 hours of classroom work as well as worked security for a minimum of 4000 hours in the field. There is also an exam that will need to be passed before they would reach the status of a commissioned officer. It is a very respected position in North Dakota, and with it comes great responsibility which is why there are quite a few hoops to jump through in order to reach this level or security work.

The following is the website and address for the North Dakota Private Investigation and Security Board:

North Dakota Private Investigation & Security Board
513 East Bismarck Expressway, Suite 5
Bismarck, North Dakota 58504
Telephone/fax number: 701-222-3063