Alabama Security Guard License Training

Becoming a Security Guard in Alabama

In the state of Alabama, anyone wishing to work as a Security Guard is required by law to obtain certification/licensure through the state of Alabama Licensing Board. The board requires those who wish to obtain an Alabama security guard license to first have taken a minimum of 8 hours worth of training, and have passed a corresponding test which accompanies the security guard training. Before you choose where to achieve these hours (in person or online) it is vital that a person ensures that the security guard training program they are taking is board approved. The trainer who is instructing the class also needs to be board certified in order for it to be a valid course of study.

Requirements of Alabama Security Guards

Security Guards in Alabama need to be at least 18 years of age, they need to have a clear criminal background check and need to have either graduated high school or achieved their GED certification. In addition to these requirements, Alabama security guards need to be physically capable of the duties required of a security guard and should have no background of mental health issues. If a person meets these basic requirements, they may then enroll in an Alabama State approved training program in order to complete the required hours of training. A person must pass the Security Guard test upon completion of the hours in order to achieve their Alabama state certification.

Alabama Armed Security Guards

In Alabama, and every state in America for that matter, those persons wishing to work as an armed security guard need to have additional training on top of the already required 8 hours. Testing is also required following course work for armed guard training in Alabama, just as with the basic 8 hour minimum. These tests are typically multiple choice style questions corresponding with the material that is covered in the Alabama Security Guard training courses.

Also, in order to achieve an armed guard license in Alabama a person needs to meet additional requirements to the list above. The state of Alabama requires armed guards to be at least 21 years of age, they need to be a legal US citizen, and in addition to background checks must also pass a drug test as well. They will then need to obtain an Alabama pistol permit. A pistol permit in Alabama is the certification necessary to carry a weapon. The training for this certification includes firearms training. Often, refresher courses are required to keep armed guard licenses up to date in Alabama.

For further information on AL state laws regarding an Alabama security guard license, visit the Alabama Security Regulatory Board website at: