Security Guard License

Here we will discuss how to get a security guard license, and the application & renewal process for unarmed Class D security license and armed Class G security license.

In almost every state there are specific laws regarding the requirements that it takes to work as security personal (security officers/guards, both armed and unarmed). Almost every state requires a security guard license and proper trained to work. This security guard license and training process ensures that the people who are working in positions of authority (as security) are trained properly and understand the importance of their position within society. Security guards have the power to arrest perpetrators in the instance that people or property are being treated in a way that is against the law. This power is a great responsibility, and one that is not to be taken lightly. That is why it is vital that a person is has the proper security guard license to work in these positions.

Most states require a person to get an initial Class D security license. The Class D training typically takes 40 hours. A person can then choose whether or not they will complete additional hours of course work in order to obtain a Class G security license. A Class G license indicates that a person has completed the required training and hour’s necessary to carry a weapon on the job. One must obtain their initial Class D unarmed security license prior to taking the course necessary to obtain their armed license. This is primarily because the training is different, and both are necessary if someone wishes to work in armed security.

Class D Security License

A Class D security license means that officers who complete the training hours (take the test and achieve this type of license) have the power to act as a security guard or security officer in an unarmed capacity. Class D security personal have typically completed the minimum 40 hours’ worth of training needed to work as basic security staff for a security company. Class D security license holders primarily work in business, school, hospital, or shopping mall type settings. Some even work at civic centers and other public arenas. A security Class D licensed guard is hired to be a security presence, to be seen in uniform to deter people from committing crimes or engaging in criminal activity. The primary responsibilities of a person who has a Class D security guard license are to detect, deter, observe and report. As members of the law enforcement hierarchy, a person with a Class D security license can prevent criminal activity before it begins if they are properly trained and know what to look for. This is the significance of security guard work, they are at times able to prevent crimes before they even happen, which can save lives, time, money, police officer involvement, need to prosecute and much more.

Class G Security License

Having a Class G security license indicates that a person has not only gone through the training in order to become an unarmed security officer, but they have also gone through the training necessary to carry a weapon on the job. Class G is a higher level license than Class D as it allows a person to be armed. Class G security license carriers need to not only complete the initial training required to become a basic security guard, but they then need to go through weapons training which is much more in depth than basic training for security personal. Security Class G license classes include legal training on laws regarding when it is legal to use a weapon, lethal force, weapons safety, etc. In addition, some people who go for their Class G security license have never handled a weapon, therefore part of the training includes time at a shooting range in order to learn to discharge a weapon, aim, clean, and care for a handgun.

Most Class G security personal work at higher pay scale than those with a Class D security license. This is one of the benefits of obtaining your Class G armed security license. In addition to working for more pay, the work itself can be a little more exciting than some of the security jobs that involve sitting at a desk or standing for the majority of a person’s work time. People with a Class G security guard license also have the chance or ability to apply for more prestigious security positions. Some are even hired on as paid military type personal for privately owned defense contractors or security companies. There tend to be more elite and specified job opportunities with those that carry a Class G security license over against those that are simply qualified as unarmed security guards with a security Class D license.

If you are wondering how to get a security guard license but keep your cashflow in check, you’re in luck! One nice thing about the security guard license process is that it allows you to work as you are continuing your education. In order to get your initial certification to work, it may only be a matter of 8 classroom hours. A person can then complete their 40 initial hours for a Class D security license, while maintaining a security guard job. They can then continue with the hours needed for their security Class G license, while also continuing work. This allows some freedom and flexibility to better oneself, while still making the necessary money to maintain their life.

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