Security Guard Training and Courses | Rhode Island

Rhode Island Security Guard Requirements

Those individuals wishing to become a security guard in Rhode Island need to be aware that a license is required. The Attorney General’s office in Rhode Island processes the security guard applications for the state. There are certain requirements that must be met prior to applying, and there are several items which go along with the application.

To give you an idea of how stringent the process is, the Rhode Island application for a security guard business license is 26 pages long. Keep in mind though, that it is not 26 pages of items to be filled out, completed, or answered; instead much of the application is an explanation of how to properly complete the process. In addition to the instructions, the application also has a fair amount of information on the Rhode Island state laws in relation to obtaining a license as a security guard business.

If you are not looking to start your own security guard company in Rhode Island, the best thing to do in order to become a security guard is to begin applying for openings at local security companies. According to the US Division of Occupational Employment Statistics, Providence, Fall River, Warwick, RI/MA area holds nearly 3,000 security guard jobs. Upon hire, the company will have you do a fingerprinting and background check as part of the screening process. Remember that only 18 year old or older high school graduates can be hired as unarmed security guards. A person needs to have cleared a criminal background check and have good character references in order to become a RI security guard. Rhode Island security companies will either administer their own security guard training or have you take a training program through a local college, online, or certified trainer in your area. This is all part of the process in order to become fully certified as a Rhode Island security guard.

If you are hoping to become an armed guard in Rhode Island you will need to be at least 21 years old. Armed guards have to go through an extensive amount of additional training in order to receive the proper certification. This includes weapons permit training to be able to legally carry a firearm for work. There are a number of state and federal laws that an armed security guard needs to be fully familiar with. A person needs to be fully able to protect themselves and others with the weapon, as well as from the weapon. Carrying a firearm as part of a security job is a great deal of responsibility.