Virginia Security Guard Courses & Training

Virginia Security Guard Requirements and Registration

The state of Virginia requires a person working for a security company to be registered as a security guard with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice. The reason for this is so that the state of Virginia can regulate who is working as security, which is considered a law enforcement position and therefore is taken very seriously. Virginia requires people wishing to work security to be at least 18yrs of age, successfully finished with either high school or their GED, and have a clean criminal history. The training requirements for Virginia security guards calls for a person to complete 18 hours of state approved security guard training.

Virginia state security guard training includes two hours worth of orientation which covers Virginia laws and regulations, it’s code of ethics, and all of the rolls and responsibilities a security guard has. Four hours of training consists primarily of laws that a security guard needs to be familiar with. Another 2 hours are regarding security patrol and communications. Several hours are spent on report writing, which is a large portion of the security guard job. Finally emergency procedures are covered extensively along with confrontation management.

For more information on unarmed security guard training requirements in Virginia you may visit the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice website at:

Armed Security License in Virginia

Virginia is one of the only states which allows citizens to acquire their armed security license prior to turning 21. The minimum age for armed security in Virginia is 18. There are additional requirements and trainings in order to be legally able to carry a handgun on your person while working security. There are also additional background checks which need to be completed for people who carry handguns. Some of the training that is necessary is regarding weapons safety, laws, and time spent at a shooting range for practice with the weapon itself. All of the requirements are in place because of the grave responsibility that comes with carrying a firearm on the job. A person bearing such responsibility needs to know what they are doing, they also need to be fully aware of all the state and federal guns laws and how they could be prosecuted in the instance that they need to fire their weapon while on the job.

The website regarding armed security guard licensing in Virginia is:
Contact the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice with any specific questions regarding security guard training in Virginia, or the license requirements.

Department of Criminal Justice Services
1100 Bank Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Security Guard Job Prospecting in VA

The Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, VA/NC area lists 5,720 security guard jobs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – Division of Occupational Employment Statistics. Richmond, VA is another major hub for security guard jobs in VA, with 5,360 jobs (as recorded in May of 2014 by the BLS). Other notable cities include Roanoke (1,410) and Charlottesville (1,230). This website lists Virginia security guard jobs, and posts new positions quite frequently.