Arkansas – Security Guard Training & License Programs

Arkansas Security Guard License Process

Contrary to some speculation, Arkansas does require persons working as a security guard to be licesnsed or at least registered to work as a security officer, through the Arkansas state police department. Arkansas applicants to security companies must meet state minimum requirements before applying to work as a security guard. The list is rather extensive, but the primary requirements are that a person be 18, graduated high school, can pass a drug test, no felonies, passes an FBI fingerprinting scan, proof that they are eligible to work in US, completed an Arkansas approved security guard training program, and keeps their license/registration with the state up to date by renewing when necessary.

The application itself is 6 pages long. It is very easy to understand. The first part gives information about the company which hired you. There are appropriate fees for the type of Arkansas security guard license you are applying for. 2 passport photos are required. Fees for background checks are also laid out clearly, and there is a section to input the completed training hours you have accomplished. Trainer signatures are required for this portion of the application. Armed guards are required to have more training than unarmed.

Often the employer has additional training procedures for new hires, even on top of the state required security guard training programs. 8 hours is the minimum amount of classroom hours needed in Arkansas to become an unarmed security guard. Additional hours are necessary for those wishing to work in an armed guard capacity. In the basic security training hours, items such as making arrests, laws, protocol, and dealing with emergency situations, are covered. In armed guard training courses there are additional laws taught, firearms safety and marksmanship that are covered. These hours are important to the training process, therefore it is important to remain focused for the required hours of course work.

To sum up, in order to become a security guard in Arkansas, one must apply for security jobs and follow the protocol the company lays out, which should also meet state requirements. Once you are hired you send in your application to the state after completing the necessary security guard training.

The application can be found on this website: unarmed security guard under Security Officer RPI Original Employee application. Just under that is the application for renewal of Security officer.