Unarmed Security Guards

An unarmed security guard is a person that is hired and paid to protect people and/or property. Each state in the United States has its own laws about what it takes to become an unarmed licensed security guard. Once a person obtains their license they can then apply for unarmed security jobs within the state. Unarmed guards typically apply to a security company who then hires them out to respective businesses or people or locations. Other security guards work on a freelance basis, though, this is more difficult to achieve as an unarmed security guard. Unarmed guards act as a preliminary defense system, prior to police involvement. The hope in hiring security is to prevent the need for police involvement. Security Guards are a vital part of the safety of our country’s schools, hospitals, public places, businesses, etc. It is a much needed position, a valued job in society, and has a great outlook as far as job openings in the next decade, as projected by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Unarmed Security License

In order to work as a security guard (armed or unarmed) most states require that a person obtains a security guard license (certificate or guard card). In order to obtain the required credentials, a person must meet the minimum state requirements and then undergo training, fingerprinting and background checks. This site has individual state pages that you can explore for further specifics on particular state requirements.

For an unarmed security license most states require a person to be a high school graduate (or a person who has achieved their equivalent GED certificate), they need to be at least 18 years of age and have a clean criminal record. This is to ensure that people in positions of authority (which a security guard is), are trustworthy and people of integrity. People who meet these requirements can then enroll in a training program. Make sure that the unarmed security license program you choose is accredited by the state in which you live, so as not to waste your time and money on courses which will not be accepted in your state. Check with local community colleges and tech schools for in classroom programs. Otherwise, there may be state accredited unarmed security classes online.

The majority of training courses needed to obtain and unarmed security guard license are on average 8 hours long to begin with. There is a total of 40 hours of training typically needed by the time you achieve your unarmed security license, however, after the initial 8 hours of training (along with a cleared background check and fingerprinting) a person can begin work as a security guard prior to completing the rest of the course work. The remaining hours of course work would then need to be completed within an allotted amount of time, which is typically within 6 months.

Unarmed Security Training

The unarmed security training that most people are required to take in order to be a licensed security guard covers a number of different security guard related topics. The main topic which is covered in detail in an unarmed security guard training course is “powers to arrest”. A security guard, under the proper conditions and circumstances, does have power to arrest an individual who is acting in the wrong. A security guard needs to know and be familiar with the laws related to arresting an individual. They need to be trained on how and when it may be necessary to detain a person and then the steps following to complete the arrest. This also includes the skills needed to de-escalate a situation, if needed, and the ability to restrain an individual properly and legally. This is the very first topic almost every unarmed security guard training program covers.

Another important topic which is covered during an unarmed security guard training course is on terrorists and weapons of mass destruction. Since most unarmed security guards in this country work in public places (such as airports, malls, hospitals and businesses), guards need to be thoroughly trained on how to identify, and handle possible terrorist type activity. During an unarmed security training course these topics are covered in detail, to ensure that security personal can recognize weapons, possible weapons, and suspicious terrorist type activity.

A third topic which is covered in detail during a security guard training course is public relations. Since unarmed security guard work in the public sector it is important that they are trained in relating to all kinds of people. One of the most important aspects of public relations is to not stereotype people. In addition, communication skills are covered.

Documentation of events is another important aspect of the unarmed security guard position. Reports, unfortunately, are a big part of the job. Training will cover these important practices as well as tactics on how to question and recognize suspicious activity.

Finally, unarmed security guard training will cover legal matters that a security guard needs to be familiar with. All of these items are condensed into a short amount of time. All are important, therefore it is important to take the unarmed security training seriously and try to absorb as much of the teaching as possible!

Applying for Unarmed Security Jobs

Once the background check, fingerprinting and initial training hours are complete, an unarmed security guard in training may apply for jobs. As stated above, many states allow a person to work as a security guard after completing a minimum amount of hours but prior to completing the total number of classroom hours required. On the job training tends to be more valuable and lasting than classroom training, as experience lends itself better to remembering what has been learned.

To find an unarmed security job one must begin applying with security guard companies. These companies will then place you at sites that carry a contract with the company. For instance, schools, malls airports and businesses do not hire security guards individually. They contract a security guard company who supplies them with the security guards needed to fill the shifts that are needed. Finding a good unarmed security company to work under is the first step to obtaining a position working as security.

Unarmed Security Companies

If you are looking to get hired by a security guard company but have no idea where to start looking for said companies, there are several ways to go about it. One would be deciding where you would like to work. If you would like to work for a particular business, school, hospital or airport in your area, check with those locations to find out which company they contract to provide their unarmed security guards. This is a great way to hand pick the areas that you would like to work, if you are then able to get hired by that particular security guard company. Another way would be to check sites like Indeed, Monster and Simply Hired for available or hiring companies. These sites may also list openings for people looking to hire freelance or individual licensed guards. Craigslist also lists security guard openings as well, this is a great resource to find immediate openings in your region. Many of these sites allow a person to upload their resume as well, so that companies can contact you directly.

There are some bigger companies that are nationwide which employ unarmed security guards and are frequently looking for licensed and competent people to work for their security companies. Some of the largest security companies are listed below:

ADT Security Services: Home security companies like ADT need licensed security guards to attend to house calls in the case of emergencies.
Brink’s: In addition to home security Brink’s also protects vehicles transferring funds from banks.
Xfinity Home Security: Xfinity now offers home security in addition to their other services.

Many other companies are state, or even locally specific to your region, which is why it may be wisest to check in your area to see what companies have the largest contracts with businesses in your particular area.

It may also be wise to research security companies within your state or region to determine which you would like to be hired by. Ask what types of businesses and sites they contract out to. Determine which type of unarmed security jobs you would like to have and this may indicate which company you should try to apply with.

Finding the right Unarmed Security Job

Some unarmed security guards work as freelance guards. This means they do not work under the overhead of a particular company. They find their own work, and set their own terms, conditions and pay. Often this is much more difficult than working for a particular company, however, those who are successful often make more than those who work for a particular company. Some of the types of businesses that hire independent or freelance security guards are small privately owned businesses, bars, or even individual estates. There are ways of finding work on a freelance scale, it just may be a bit more difficult.

Ultimately, the internet can be your best friend when looking for unarmed security job openings. Getting your resume or name out there is the best way to get hired. Showing up at a security company with proper credentials and a strong resume in hand is also another way that people have found success. The unarmed security jobs are out there, it’s a matter of finding them. If you’re looking for an unarmed security guard position, we recommend you begin your search here.

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