Security Guard Programs & Training Courses in South Dakota

South Dakota Security Guard Requirements and Process

In the United States there are some federal laws regarding security work (who may become a security guard, etc.). Most of the federal laws are regarding age, schooling and what a person can possess in their criminal background check. Otherwise, laws are set by individual states as to what needs to happen in the particular state in order to become a security guard. Each state must follow the federal regulations but may have additional requirements for the people in their state. Some states allow the cities themselves to determine how to acquire licensing or if licensing is even needed. If a city is handling the laws then licensing is typically done by the city or county clerk’s office, or even the local court system.

In South Dakota, there is not a requirement for security guards to acquire a license. However, people still must meet the federal requirements of being 18, having completed high school or a GED, and having a mostly clean background check. South Dakota residents who meet these requirements (as well as individual requirements that some security companies may have in addition to these) may apply for open jobs with South Dakota security companies. The security companies themselves should be properly licensed to conduct business in South Dakota and should have insurance to cover their business and employees. The security companies in SD will determine what security guard training is required of new hires. Training may be completed onsite with the hiring company, or they may have their employees take a particular training course from an outside source.

In South Dakota, those wishing to work armed security need to work with the security company with whom they are employed and the local law enforcement department, as well as the county clerk. There are federal and state regulations regarding firearms which need to be complied with. Often a person wishing to carry a handgun for work needs to go through courses of training on weapons safety, laws and use of the firearm itself. In South Dakota it may be necessary to hire a lawyer in order to obtain the proper permits and certificated to work as an armed guard. Federal regulations regarding armed guards require a person to be at least 21, and must undergo extensive background checks and drug testing. If a person meets these requirements, their best bet is to work with their employment security company in order to obtain their armed guard status.