Kansas – Security Guard Training Classes – Programs

Becoming a Security Guard in Kansas

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the next few years security guard jobs in Kansas are projected to grow 15%. For those thinking about this career option in the state of Kansas, this is great news. In order to become an unarmed guard in Kansas a person must meet the same basic minimum requirements that are true for every state across the country (be 18, completed high school or GED, not have a criminal background). If a person meets these few requirements they can opt to begin applying for open jobs with security companies or find a program to take some course hours in security guard work.

There is a license in Kansas that needs to be obtained through the attorney general’s office. The process includes taking a state approved training program, passing the program (and tests), and then applying for, passing background checks and fingerprinting, paying associated fees, etc. It is a very comparable process to security guard training in most states in the US.

Armed guards are required to more training than unarmed guards. There is more involved because of the grave responsibility that comes with carrying a weapon on the job. In order to qualify to even train as an armed officer, a person needs to be 21, and go through more extensive checks into their background, character and mental stability. This is to ensure that people working to protect Kansas citizens are upstanding citizens worthy or trust and respect.

Whether seeking to become an armed or unarmed guard in Kansas, the basic security guard training must be done. This training will cover the basic skills a person needs to master in order to be a well-trained guard. Most of these skills surround the use of communication and observation on the job site. Another vital, but somewhat tedious skill is report writing. Security guards need to be able to record and report all that they witnessed while working at their post. This is part of the law enforcement infrastructure set up in Kansas for the safety of people and property. Security guards are often the buffer that prevent further law enforcement officers from being needed at a location. Therefore, the importance of the job is great and needs to be treated as such. Security guards in Kansas are valuable part of the process of keeping people and places safe.