Security Guard Training and Programs – Minnesota

Minnesota Security Guard Licensing

Minnesota is similar to several states that do not require a security guard to be licensed, however they must work for a company which does have proper licensing. Security companies are referred to as the protective agent. The protective agent is the umbrella that the security guard works under, utilizing their license and insurance. This also means that as long as the protective agent is hiring individuals who meet the state of Minnesota minimum requirements (18, high school grad, and clear criminal background check), then the company can then determine their own training policies and requirements. Companies will require the fingerprinting, background check and drug testing of the individuals they choose to hire. Please keep in mind that the employee will often be required to pay for these steps out of their own pockets. Once hired, cleared and trained by the protective agency (or security company that did the hiring), a person can officially begin working as a security guard in Minneapolis, St Paul, Rochester or elsewhere in Minnesota. Security guard training is overseen by the protective agent and hiring company.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety is in charge of monitoring and licensing security companies. This is not a person’s concern unless they are looking to start their own security company, in which case they will need to be licensed through the department of public safety. Insurance is one of the biggest requirements of a company forming and being licensed as a security agency. For more information regarding Minnesota laws regarding licensing of companies can be found on the department’s website at:

Armed Guard Job Training in Minnesota

In Minnesota, armed security guards are also not required to have an individual armed security guard license, instead they also work under the protective agent (or Security Company) which chose to hire the individual. There will, however, be weapons training and permits required of the individual who will be carrying a gun on the job. These laws are maintained in order to protect the people of the state of Minnesota. Carrying a weapon on the job is not something to be taken lightly, there is great responsibility that comes with the possession of a firearm. Marksmanship training is part of the courses which are required, as is weapons safety and extensive coursework on understanding Minnesota laws regarding the use of weapons in the workforce. It is vital that a person who is carrying a weapon at work is familiar with state laws. A person can be held accountable and prosecuted for the use of a weapon, even if it was done so as part of their job as armed security.