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Oklahoma Security Guard Process

In Oklahoma, people who are working security jobs need to acquire a license. In order to qualify for the license a person needs to be 18, have completed high school or obtained their GED certificate, they need to be a US citizen with a clean criminal background check. The license that they would acquire is good for 3 years and can be renewed according to its expiration. In order to obtain the license a person needs to be hired by a security company and complete the required training and steps in order to apply. The security guard training requirements in Oklahoma are two 20 hour courses, and 8 hours of continuing education. For an armed security guards in Oklahoma a person needs to do the 40 hours that unarmed guards need, and then will need an additional 32 hours of training on top of that. They also need 8 hours of continuing education credits to maintain their license. The additional 32 hours cover the required training needed to get a permit for a firearm. Also, it will teach weapons safety, laws and how to use the firearm properly. Armed security guards carry a lot of responsibility when they pick up a weapon, therefore the training is extensive.

After Training: Oklahoma Security Guard Jobs

Once the Oklahoma security guard training is complete (or during the process) a person will then take the steps to work on the state application. This application needs to include copies of cleared criminal background checks, fingerprinting, passport photos, proof of training, letter of employment, associated fees, and it needs to be signed a notarized. For an unarmed guard the fee of the application is $91. For an armed guard the cost is $141.

Once a person obtains their license they may work in the capacity of whatever license type they achieved. When the Oklahoma security guard license is up for renewal it is important to apply on time for renewal to avoid the risk of losing the license and having to start the process from the beginning.

For those looking for security guard jobs in Oklahoma, it is best to begin your search in Oklahoma City, as it has nearly 4,000 security guard jobs on file. Tulsa, OK would be the next place to look, with just over 3,000 security guard jobs.

The following is the contact information for the Oklahoma State Security Guard Licensing Board: www.ok.gov

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