Security Guard Training in Las Vegas, Nevada

Becoming a Security Guard in Las Vegas

Nevada is home to a large amount of security companies which employ a large number of security guards, primarily in Las Vegas. Security guards are an important part of the law enforcement process in Las Vegas Nevada of keeping people and property safe. Security guards are the first line of defense, and the goal of having security guards is to prevent crime from happening in the first place.

In order to obtain your registration card in Nevada, you must apply to the private investigators licensing board. There is a Nevada state exam that goes along with the registration application. This is the only ‘training’ necessary prior to applying for registration. Also with the application a person needs to send in a passport sized photo which will be on their registration card, proof of identification (either passport or driver’s license and social security card), receipt showing that fingerprinting has been completed, or 2 sets of fingerprint cards, associated fees, and exam answer key (unless the exam was completed online). All of this, and the completed application needs to be submitted to the Nevada private investigators licensing board. If approved, the board will send you your registration card, which is proof of your qualifications to work as a security guard in Las Vegas, or whichever part of Nevada you choose.

Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board

All of this is explained on the Nevada private investigators licensing board website at: In addition to security guard training information, the website also contains forms, contact information, submission guidelines, and other important documentation regarding the registration cards.

In addition to the basic requirements to obtain a security registration card, those who wish to work armed security must complete additional steps in order to be approved by Nevada to do so. It is vital that a person who carries a firearm for their job be properly trained and educated on everything that comes with the responsibility of doing so. People in Las Vegas who wish to be recognized as armed security guards need to acquire weapons permits. In order to obtain these, additional security training is required. The training for firearms safety is usually a few days’ worth of gun safety instruction, an overview of state and federal laws and marksmanship practice. This additional security training component is important to ensure that the people working armed security are knowledgeable and prepared to protect not only themselves but the general public of Las Vegas as well. This responsibility should never be taken lightly.