Kentucky Security Guard Courses, Programs & Training

Kentucky Security Guard Requirements and Training

Most states require security guards to obtain some sort of license of certification in order to work in security. This is mandated by Kentucky state laws and overseen by it’s state departments. In Kentucky there are no state laws requiring security guard training or license certification to work as security guard. That being said, there are some cities which have their own requirements for people working in the security profession. To learn about your own city’s laws and ordnances surrounding security licensure it is best to contact your local city clerk’s office with questions.

With that said, most companies still adhere to the minimum requirements of most states. A person must be 18, have a clean background check and have completed high school. This is to ensure that the people working security are mature enough, and not convicted criminals. Security companies may require a person to complete a standard security guard training course before (or shortly after) being hired. These can often be completed online or at a local college, and are typically only 8 hours worth of in classroom time. This is wonderful for those who are looking to jump right into the job force as a Kentucky security guard.

Armed Security – Kentucky Information

As for armed security procedures in Kentucky the answer is similar to the one above. There are no state mandated regulations. However, there are state mandated regulations about permits and licenses to carry a weapon. Therefore it would follow that person wishing to work armed security would need to follow the state laws regarding use and permits of weapons in addition to whatever training a company would require, or even the local city may require in order for a person to work as an armed guard. Check with the local country clerk’s office, or even the state police website for more information on weapons permits: The company that hires you may also have guidance and policies on the required steps needed to achieve such a position. Across state lines, a person wishing to work armed security has to be 21 and have gone through additional background checks and clearance in order to do to. It is not a job that is taken lightly, as carrying a weapon brings great responsibility. Kentucky is no different.