Arizona Security Guard License Programs & Training

Arizona Security Guard Training and Requirements

In Arizona, a person who wishes to become a security guard must earn their Arizona Guard Card. You may actually apply for positions prior to earning your Arizona security guard license, but must complete the 8 hour training and application steps before actually beginning your employment as a security guard. Once hired, the employer will fill out Part A of the application for you. This is showing that they are in fact placing you in a position, and allows the state of Arizona to properly identify you based on your employer. You are required to fill out Part B of the Arizona security guard application. Part C of the application is filled in by the security guard training facility who provided the 8 hours’ worth of course work necessary to be properly licensed. Along with the application a person needs to submit fingerprints, a passport sized color photo of your face, identification (such as passport or driver’s license) and the proper application fees ($72, currently $50 covers the registration/certification fee, and $22 covers the FBI fingerprint processing fee). All of these steps need to be complete to obtain an Arizona Guard Card, and the completed application needs to be submitted to:

Arizona Department of Public Safety
Licensing Unit
PO Box 6328, MD 1160
Phoenix, AZ 85005

As far as renewal of certification goes, in Arizona it is very similar to being certified the first time. Renewing requires filling out the application, submitting fingerprints and photos, as well as fees again. Renewal needs to be done within 60 days before the expiration date. If it is within 90 past when the certification expired there is an additional 10 dollar fee. If a person does not renew their application within 90 days past when it expired, they will need to begin the process again, as if they had never been certified before.

As far as armed guard training in Arizona goes, a person needs to complete all the above requirements, plus an additional 16 hours of firearms training. The fees for the application are higher, as there are more background check requirements when applying for an armed guard license. An Arizona armed guard license is only valid for the duration of a single year.

In Arizona the Department of Public Safety processes the applications for the state of security guard hopefuls. The website has links and directions on the process it takes to apply for your Arizona security guard license, as well as renewal requirements and much more. For more information on the Arizona security guard card go to: