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Florida Security Guard License Training

Florida has fairly stringent requirements for those wishing to work security. Part of this has to do with the amount of large cities (Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Orlando & Hialeah all have over 200,000 citizens), and the influx of tourism within the state. There are a lot of security jobs in Florida available, and the state of Florida wants to ensure that the individuals filling these posts are trustworthy and well-trained.

The basic requirements for becoming a security guard in Florida are that a person needs to be a minimum of 18 years old. They also need to be a US citizen or have been cleared to work by homeland security, and they need to have a clear criminal history. This means that anyone applying for a Florida security guard license who has been convicted of a felony does not need to apply as their application will automatically be denied. If a person meets these requirements they may find a security guard training program in Florida.

Florida Class D License for Unarmed Security Guards

In Florida, the unarmed security certification is a Class D License. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Division of Consumer Services Licensing Department conducts the Class D Licensing of security guards in Florida. They also determine the Florida security guard training requirements. Security guard training in Florida needs to be completed by a training facility that has been approved by this Florida State Department. The training for security work in Florida is extensive; 40 hours of training needs to be completed in total. At least 24 of these hours need to be done before applying, and the remaining 16 hours must be done within 180 days from the time your application for certification was submitted. Most people opt to complete all 40 hours of security guard training in Florida prior to applying for the Class D License. Once a Florida security guard license is obtained (unarmed Class D License) then a person can work as a security guard in Florida.

FL Class G License for Armed Security Officer Training

If a person wishes to obtain their armed guard license in Florida (or Class G License), they must undergo additional training. The armed guard training in Florida consists of 28 additional training hours to the already 40 hours of unarmed security guard training. The Florida G License armed security guard training must be completed under the tutelage of person who has obtained a Class K license in Florida. A person must be at least 21, and already have obtained their Class D License in Florida before they can apply for a Class G License.

How to Become a Security Guard in Jacksonville FL

In Jacksonville there are actually security guard training centers where one can complete their 40 hours of training prior to applying for their security guard license. These sites typically cost around $100 for the training course. Keep in mind that there are additional costs for registration applications through the state, background check costs, and fingerprinting fees. All of these need to take place for a person to be a qualified Security guard in Jacksonville Florida.

Miami Security Guard License Classes

Miami Florida has a large need for qualified security guards. In order to work as security guard in Miami a person needs to obtain their Florida Class D Security Guard License through the state. This means they must undergo the minimum 40 hour training class by an approved program and under the instruction of a certified instructor. Miami has a large number of security guard training sites which offer the training to residents at a cost. Just as with Jacksonville FL, Miami security guard classes typically cost around $100 dollars but could be more or less depending on the facility. This is why it is always wise to shop around to find the security guard training site that fits your budget and is close to where you live for convenience. Once the 40 hours of training are complete, the training site will walk you through the process of registering through the state of Florida State Department for your Class D licensing. Newly licensed security guards may then begin applying for jobs in the Miami FL area.

Becoming a Security Guard in Tampa

When searching for security guard training in Tampa Florida you will find a large number of training sites located in the city of Tampa. This is great news for those wishing to become security guards in Tampa. The process is identical to what is listed above, as Tampa follows the state guidelines for licensing security guards. After a person completes their security guard classes in Tampa they may apply for their Class D license through the state. Then applying for jobs in Tampa, Florida is the next step.

Orlando Security Guard Certification

Orlando Florida is home to many major United States amusement parks and attractions. This leads to a great need for licensed security guards to work at these and other sites within the city of Orlando. A person can find a number of security guard training programs in Orlando, and can complete their 40 hours of training right in the city. Often the Orlando security guard training programs will assist in the remaining steps of the process, and help students apply for their license through the state. Some training programs in Orlando also assist students in finding work upon completion of the program.

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