Security Guard Training in Chicago | Illinois PERC Card Info

Security Guard Training in Illinois

In the state of Illinois a person wishing to work as Security Guard needs to first obtain a state PERC card. A PERC card stands for Permanent Employee Registration Card. It is similar to the Guard Card in other states. Basically it proves to a prospective employer that you have undergone and cleared the background check and fingerprinting process. The Illinois PERC Card prevents each employer from having to re-check and re-fingerprint each employee they hire, it also prevents the security guard from having to re-pay for these checks every time they are hired by a new security guard company.

Illinois PERC Card Application

The Illinois Division of Professional Registration handles the applications and administration of the PERC cards for the city of Chicago and across the state. In order to apply, a person needs to already have reached age 18 and must have a valid social security number. Next, a person must find a Live Scan vendor to complete their fingerprinting scan through. Once this is complete you will receive documents through Lice Scan showing if you cleared the background check. These forms need to be submitted along with the PERC card application which can be found on the following website:

Also with the Illinois PERC Card application a prospective security guard in Chicago IL needs to include a passport sized photograph of themselves which will be used on the actual PERC Card the person receives. The fee for the application process in Illinois is $55 and needs to be paid to the Department of Financial and Professional Registration. Once the Illinois PERC Card arrives in the mail, a newly registered PERC card holder may begin applying with local security companies. This can be done prior to any official security guard training in Illinois. The Security Company’s themselves set the training standards they require of their employees. Many Security Companies in Illinois require a person to take a minimum of 20 hours of training through a local security guard training facility, or at a community college or tech school or even online. Some security companies actually train their newly hired guards onsite, or on the field. Keep in mind that just because you have achieved a PERC card or even completed security guard training classes, does not automatically mean you will be hired as a security guard in Illinois. A person must still apply and interview with security companies, and it is up to the security company who they will or will not hire.

A person in Illinois wishing to work as an armed security guard must meet additional requirements. They also must obtain their PERC card through the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Registration, but they also must achieve additional certification and licensing, which means additional training and steps. In Illinois, armed guards need to have reached the age of 21. In addition to all the above requirements for unarmed guards, Chicago armed guards need to also have a valid Illinois driver’s license, and must complete all the required firearms training hours and pass the required written exams. The firearms training course is in addition to basic training an unarmed guard must go through. Typically this 20 hours for an unarmed guard and an additional 20 hours of firearms training. This training will cover the use and safety of a handgun. Some of the hours are spent in the classroom and some are spent at the firing range. In Illinois a person has to fire 50 rounds with at least 70% accuracy to be licensed to carry a firearm with them for their job. This is to ensure the safety of the security guard and the citizens of Illinois.

Security Training Classes in Chicago

Chicago security guard requirements are the same as the rest of the state of Illinois. A person wishing to become a security guard in Chicago must obtain their PERC card before applying to jobs with security companies. A PERC card can be obtained in Chicago the same way as the rest of the state. A person must first undergo the proper background screening and then apply through the state of Illinois for their PERC card which will prove to Chicago security companies that you are free of any criminal charges which would prevent you from being hired. Once you get a security guard job in Chicago, you would undergo whatever security guard training in Chicago that the company requires of their new hires. Most companies in Chicago require at least 20 hours of training for their newly hired security guards.

In Chicago, if a security guard wants to advance and become an armed guard they must undergo additional training in order to receive their license to carry a weapon. This means another 20 or so hours of training which also includes time at a firing range familiarizing oneself with the weapon. Chicago armed security guards are highly valued members of the law enforcement team. The security guard training requirements for armed guards in Chicago are the same as the rest of Illinois.