Indianapolis Indiana Security Guard Training & Courses

Indiana Security Guard License Procedure

The state of Indiana has a licensing board that is in charge of licensing individuals for security work, and regulating the laws and requirements for obtaining a security guard license within the state. Not all security guard jobs in Indianapolis or throughout Indiana require such a license however, as obtaining a genuine security or private investigator license can be a lengthy process. If the Indiana security company hiring you has their security license and proper insurance, than you are technically working under the umbrella, or their license, throughout your employment. The company itself may have security guard training requirements that they want you to meet, but it may not involve actually receiving a state license. It is state law, however, that the security company which hires you needs to have fingerprint records, background check and a photo ID on file for each of their employees. This is to ensure that the Indiana state conditions for who can work as a security guard are being met.

Security Guard Training in Indianapolis, IN

For further questions on the licensing procedures for a private investigator/guard in Indiana, visit: Otherwise, most individuals wishing to work security in Indianapolis or greater Indiana simply either apply for a job and complete security guard training after being hired, or they seek out a security guard training program in Indiana and then apply for a job. Training programs are available through some community colleges and tech schools, or can even be found online when searching for Indiana approved security guard training programs.

Armed Security Qualifications in Indiana

Those wishing to work armed security in Indiana will need to acquire more hours of training and weapons certification and clearance. This can take quite a bit longer than simply doing the minimum training that Unarmed Security Guards in Indiana need. However, it is often a great career move if a person is looking to work in security long term. The Indiana security jobs one can get if they are permitted to work armed security are often better and pay more than the jobs available for unarmed guards in Indiana. This is something to consider when thinking about the time and money needed to invest in achieving an armed guard certificate.

Either way, the need for unarmed and armed security guards in Indiana is steady, the job outlook is good for the next decade or so, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Across the country there is a need for people to work security in all sorts of venues, businesses, and events. Indiana is in need of security personal who are willing to work hard to protect people and property of Indianapolis and across the state. Indianapolis and Carmel, IN have the highest amount of security guard jobs in the state, followed by the Gary, IN Metropolitan Division, Fort Wayne, IN, and South Bend-Mishawaka, IN-MI areas.