Security Guard Courses & Training: Colorado Springs, Denver

Security Guard Training in Colorado

Unique to Colorado, security licensing is handled in each city rather than applying to a state department, which is the case in most other states. If you have specific questions about how the process works, you may contact your local city clerk’s office for more details. Primarily the process works the same as with any other state, just with the application being processed through the city rather than the state.

Most people begin their journey to becoming security guards in Colorado by applying for local security guard jobs. Once hired, they complete the proper security guard training and then apply for their certificate to legally work in Colorado as a security officer. Some cities have their own unique requirements (such as requiring a Dr.’s note stating mental clarity, etc.), but for the most part all require the basics for working as a security officer (including no convictions, proper age, graduate, etc.). In order to work as an armed guard a person needs to be at least 21. Unarmed security guards must be at least 18 years old. Proof of insurance, social security card, and other forms of ID may be required by Denver, or whichever Colorado city you apply through your actual license.

As far as training, Colorado requires candidates interested in working security to have completed a state approved security guard training program. These programs cover the foundational skills needed to work in a security setting. Some of the main items that are covered are things like the power to arrest, which is of vital importance to someone working to enforce the law and keep people safe. Laws are covered quite extensively, legal use of force is also covered, as is crowd control and different forms of communication and questions. Most security guards find the report writing tedious, however it is a necessary part of the job and is also covered in Colorado approved security guard training programs.

If you are looking to work as an armed guard in Colorado the process is similar. More training is required (additional hours to the minimum needed for unarmed work), and an application will again need to be submitted to the city with proof of achieving the required training as well as meeting the minimum necessary requirements.

Most employers will walk you through the process upon hire, however, if you have questions simply contact your own city clerk’s office for further information. Here are a few helpful links if you are from Denver or Colorado Springs, CO:

Denver Department of Excise and Licenses
Wellington Webb Building
201 West Colfax Ave.,
Room 2.H.9, Dept. 206
Denver, Colorado 80202

Denver Colorado city clerk: Stephanie Y. O’Malley

If you live in Colorado Springs you can visit the following website:

For all questions regarding Business Licensing in Colorado Springs, contact the City Clerk’s Office:
719-385-5901, option 1 · Fax: 719-385-5114 ·
30 S. Nevada Ave., Suite 101, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Security Guard Jobs in Denver & Greater CO

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the Denver, Aurora, Broomfield, CO area as having nearly 9,500 security guard jobs. Colorado Springs, CO is the second most popular area, with an employment statistic of nearly 2,000 jobs, and Fort Collins-Loveland, CO area with 630. To find security guard jobs in Denver, or your local area of Colorado, look here.