Iowa Security Guard Classes & Training

Iowa Security Guard Process

The state of Iowa does require a person to achieve their Private Security Agent License in order to work security within the state. The Iowa Department of Public Safety has the authority to license individuals in this capacity. As with most states, there are minimum requirements in Iowa that a person needs to meet before they can obtain a license. In Iowa a person wishing to work as a security guard needs to be at least 18, have graduated high school and cannot have a criminal background. If a person meets these criteria they may apply for security guard jobs in Iowa with a security company. Upon hire, a security company in Iowa will walk you through the necessary security guard training needed in order to continue in the profession. It is not necessary in Iowa to be licensed first, unless you are looking to work armed security, in which case you will need further permits and training in order to carry a weapon. Keep in mind that according to Iowa law, a person needs to be at least 21 to be able to legally work as an Armed Security Guard.

Most security guard training courses in Iowa cover the basic skills a security officer needs to have. This typically includes report writing, communication, and arrest procedures and laws. The training courses themselves do not take long from beginning to end, and can often be done online, rather than having to attend an in-classroom course. Armed Guards, however, will have required in-person hours in some sort of capacity as part of their advanced security training. Weapons training always includes required time at a shooting range, in order to familiarize oneself with their weapon, learn weapons safety and practice marksmanship. This is part of the reason why armed guards have more required hours; there is much more involved.

Iowa Security Guard License Information

For further information on licensing in the state of Iowa, you may contact the Iowa Department of Safety. You may also contact local Iowa area Security Guard programs in cities such as Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport and Sioux City. Some of these Iowa security guard training courses are conducted at local community or technical colleges. There is currently no required state exam for achieving your security license in Iowa. The following information provides the contact for the Public Safety Department:

License Authority:
Private Investigative Licensing
Program Services Bureau
Iowa Department of Public Safety
Dept of Public Safety Building
215 E 7th St, 4th Floor
Des Moines IA 50319
Phone: 515-725-6230