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Missouri Security Guard Training Requirements

Like many states, the Missouri state as whole doesn’t require a license to work as a security guard, but some particular cities within the state do have city laws or ordinances which require a person working a security job to be licensed through the city. The security company that hires a person should notify the individual of the local laws and the process they will need to fulfill to meet such requirements. Some cities, such as St. Louis, Kansas City, St. Joseph and Springfield all require a person to obtain a license for security guard work. You can contact your local city clerk’s office for specific city requirements within your area, or upon being hired wait for the company itself to guide you on what requirements you need to fulfill for security guard training and possible certification.

All people, no matter what city you live in, in Missouri, will need to go through a fingerprinting and background check. Applicants need to be at least 18 and must have already completed high school or their GED. These are standard security guard requirements across the state of Missouri, and across the country as well. In order to obtain a license in the cities that require such, a drug test is also required of candidates. If a license is required then a security guard training program will also be required. If you live in an area of Missouri which does not require a license then you may or may not be required to complete a specific security guard training course.

These security guard training courses are usually offered either through the security company directly, at a local college, or online. Missouri security company training programs cover a wide range of laws, procedures and skills that a security guard needs to know and be able to perform. If a person is wishing to be an armed guard in Missouri, additional training courses are mandatory. This is because anyone carrying a weapon on the job needs to be properly licensed and must hold the proper permit for the weapon they possess. Training in this capacity will cover gun safety, use, and all the laws which a Missouri gun holder needs to be aware that they are responsible to uphold. Armed guards in Missouri need to be at least 21 years old, and typically additional background checks are required of those wishing to carry a gun.

Security Guard Jobs: Kansas City, St Louis & Springfield MO

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