Georgia | Security Guard Classes and Training in Atlanta

Georgia Security Guard Training and Licensure

Even though there is not a specific license for working as a security guard in Georgia, there are stringent state requirements to be able to legally work as one. Where most state require 8, or maybe even 16 hours of security guard training, Georgia requires 24 hours’ worth of security guard course work. Most security companies in Georgia do not expect an individual to have their training complete upon hire, though it can help a person get hired more easily. Upon hire, the company would train their employees on their own policies and procedures, but also require the employees to complete a state approved security guard training program, either in the classroom or online. These programs are designed to equip a person with the necessary skills and knowledge to act in the capacity of a security guard, which is a law enforcement official. Guards need to know state laws regarding arrests, acts which are considered illegal, and use of force on the worksite, in addition to many other important skills. Training will also be conducted on report writing and communication, with all kinds of people, for the benefit and safety of the job site.

Armed Security in Atlanta GA

In Atlanta and greater Georgia, those wishing to pursue the exciting career of armed security work, need to complete a minimum of 40 hours of training. This armed security guard training will include safety, care, and use of weapons. Laws regarding armed personal in the work field. Each training facility has its own procedures, but all include time at a shooting range of some sorts, for marksmanship practice, and other gun safety training. Obtaining your armed guard permit in Georgia is a great way to advance your security guard career. Armed guards are typically compensated at a much higher level than unarmed guard. The prestige that comes with the ability to carry a weapon on the job is worth the extra hours of classroom time. Besides, the opportunities and locations in Atlanta for armed guards are often much more exciting than the jobs that are available to unarmed Georgia security guards.

Georgia has a plethora of security training facilities and programs. Particularly in the Atlanta area, but throughout the state as well. Atlanta has the highest number of options for onsite training in Georgia, followed by Columbus and Savannah. Often, Atlanta is a great place to start when considering a career in security work within the state of Georgia. In addition, the job outlook, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is good for security guard work, not only in Atlanta but throughout greater Georgia as well.

Security Guard Jobs in Atlanta Georgia

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Atlanta – Sandy Springs – Marietta, GA area has one of the highest employment levels for security guards in any major metropolitan area in the country. With almost 19,000 security guard jobs in Atlanta, the city’s employment per thousand jobs ratio is 7.80, with a location quotient nearing 1.0. These are very good numbers as compared to other Southern states, making greater Atlanta Georgia a great place to work as a security guard.