New Hampshire – Security Guard Training Courses

New Hampshire Security Guard Training Procedure

In New Hampshire becoming a security guard is often as simple as applying for a job with a NH security guard company, getting hired, and going through whatever security guard training the company requires. This is the most straightforward and typical way people become security guards within the state of New Hampshire. For others who would rather work for themselves rather than a security company, it takes a few more steps to obtain a license from the New Hampshire Department of Public Safety. The application itself for this process is rather short, only 2 pages long, requiring character references, proof of completion of fingerprinting, photographs taken at a state police department office, and signing a statement that you’ve never been convicted of a crime. There is a fee to go along with this, and the NH security guard license itself is good for 2 years before needing to be renewed.

As far as security guard training and experience goes, it depends on what you are seeking to do within the realm of security work. For people looking to work for a security company as a guard, these individuals would just need to complete whatever security guard training the hiring company has deemed necessary for new hires. Other individuals who wish to work as armed security, need to complete a firearms training course and receive a gun permit from the state of New Hampshire. Anyone wishing to carry a gun on them for work needs to go through extensive background checks, training on weapons use, and learn about all laws (both federal and state) which pertain to the use of weapons on the job.

In New Hampshire, those wishing to work for themselves as freelance security guards or private investigators must obtain a license through the New Hampshire Department of Public Safety. The fee for this application process is $150, in addition to fees for fingerprinting and background checks. The application can be found at: but needs to be delivered in person to the address listed below. Part of the reason for needing to deliver it in person is because at that time you will be photographed for the license.

New Hampshire Department of Safety
Room 106 (Permits and Licensing)
33 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH

New Hampshire Security Guard Jobs & Employment Statistics

According to the US Labor Dpt, rural New Hampshire holds one of the top 5 highest pay rates for security guards in the country. In 2014, the average hourly wage was almost $20/hr, and average salary came to over $40,000/yr. New Hampshire is one of the nation’s smallest states, in relation to overall population. As such there are less security guard jobs than other larger states, but there are still many job opportunities as seen here. For those seeking an area to apply to for NH security guard work, Manchester holds the most security guard jobs, followed by Concord and the Nashua, NH-MA NECTA Division, Portsmouth, and Rochester-Dover, NH-ME.