Security Guard Training NYC

New York Security Guard Training

Training for New York State security guards includes 8 hours of pre-assignment training (which need to be completed prior to beginning work as a guard), 16 hours of on the job training which need to be completed within 90 days of beginning work, and then 8 hours annual in-service training. A security guard’s registration in New York is good for 2 years; meaning a person wishing to renew their license must have completed at least 2, 8-hour in service courses within those 2 years in order for them to be eligible for renewal.

Armed guard training requirements in New York include the 8 hours of initial training, 16 hours of on the job training, and an additional 47 hours of firearms training. In addition to the yearly 8 hour in service class requirements, armed guards need to take an additional 8 hours of firearms in-service hours on a yearly basis in order to renew their license every 2 years. This means 16 hours of training each year after the initial training in New York is complete.

The minimum requirements for New York residents to undergo security guard training and certification are that a person must be at least 18 years old, they need to be a US citizen or resident alien, and they need to get fingerprinted and pass a background check. If a person is able to meet these criteria they may start by taking the initial 8 hours of training through a New York Security Guard training program. Once the 8 hours are passed and complete a person can apply for their New York security guard registration through the New York Division of Licensing Services. The application is available on their website at:

After a person receives their registration card through the licensing division, a newly registered New York security guard may begin work as a security officer. Keep in mind that they need to complete the additional 16 hours of training within 90 days in order to maintain their registration.

While a person is in the process they will need to get fingerprinting completed for proof of a cleared background check. This can be completed by visiting the New York Division of Licensing services as well. If you click on the “I would like to” tab on the page, the pull down lists information regarding completing fingerprinting. Or visit and click on the state of New York to schedule an appointment time and place near you. Once the fingerprinting is completed, the receipt of fingerprinting is valid for 5 months. This means that all other portions of the application process for security guard registration in New York need to be completed at this time (including 8 class hours and application for licensing). Another thing to keep in mind is all the fees related to the process. The course hours that need to be completed will cost money. Usually around $100-$200 for the 8 hour initial training and the 16 hour on the job training. The application will cost $36 dollars through the licensing division of New York (and $25 every 2 years for renewal), and fingerprinting costs $75 for the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) fee, approximately $20 for the FBI fee, and less than $20 for the vendor fee.

If you are looking to be certified as an armed security guard in the state of New York, more training and licensing is required. Many NYC security guard training facilities offer packages which include the additional firearms training in a bundle with the minimum unarmed guard training. These can cost between $200 and $300 for the total bundle. Remember that the state of New York requires an additional 47 hours of training for armed security guards.

Brooklyn New York Security Guard Training

In Brooklyn New York there are many different sites offering the basic training for unarmed guards. Some security companies offer training directly through their company for their employees. These may or may not cost money. Some people opt to begin looking for security guard jobs in Brooklyn before completing the steps to become registered through the state of New York. Others go through training facilities in Brooklyn, and pay for their 8 hours of initial training and 16 hours of on the job training. Most companies in Brooklyn New York like to hire security guards who are already certified and registered through the state of New York. The security agencies, and security academies in Brooklyn also offer the 8 hour yearly in-service courses which are needed to maintain the validity of a registration. Many of the training academies in Brooklyn that offer classes on security guard training offer different level package deals depending on what a person needs/or wants certification in. This could include CPR, help applying for registration, firearms training, or just the basic required security training hours.

New York City, NY Security Guard Classes

New York City has a large need for security guards as they have a vast amount of businesses and business buildings that need security officers to protect and observe the premises. As such, New York City has a lot of security guard training centers and academies which offer guard classes to people who are looking to be registered as security guards to work in NYC. Just as with the rest of the state, New York City security guards need to complete 8 hours of initial security guard training NYC and be fingerprinted before they can apply with the state licensing division to be registered. Following that they will need to complete 16 hours of on the job training within 90 days. NYC security guards also need to complete 8 hours of class each year to keep their license valid.

Buffalo New York Security Guard Requirements

In Buffalo, New York, security guards (or sometimes referred to as peace officers) are needed nearly as much as in New York City. Peace officer training in Buffalo is similar to the rest of the state of New York. A person must undergo background checks and complete 8 hours of initial training in order to be licensed as a security guard in Buffalo New York. Most people find training sites directly in Buffalo, some go elsewhere for training. Buffalo New York needs security officers at businesses, medical facilities, schools and much more. Security guard jobs in Buffalo New York can be found by searching Buffalo Craigslist, Monster, or other job listing sites. A person can actually apply for and begin work prior to their completion of all their training hours. This can help offset the costs involved with becoming security guard certified.

Rochester NY Security Guard Licensing

Rochester New York has a number of security guard training academies within the city. These training academies offer the classes need to become a security guard in Rochester. Like other cities in New York, Rochester needs a large number of security guards as the first line of defense in major businesses, schools, hospitals, malls, and other public arenas. Taking security guard classes in Rochester New York is the first step for someone who wants to be on their way to an exciting security guard career.

Long Island New York Security Guard Classes

Long Island also has a growing need for qualified security guards. The requirements in Long Island are the same as the rest of the state of New York. A person wishing to work security in Long Island must undergo all proper background checks, and take the initial 8 hours of course work prior to beginning their work. Don’t forget that the 16 additional hours of training need to be completed within 90 days of being administered your security guard license in Long Island, New York.

Security Guard Jobs in New York

New York has the second highest level of security guard jobs in the country, following only California. In 2014, the BLS reported over 105,000 security guard jobs in New York. The New York-White Plains-Wayne, NY-NJ Metropolitan Division holds over 80,000 security guard jobs, which makes it the highest employment level of any metropolitan area in the United States. This area also has the highest concentration of jobs and location quotients in the security guard sector. The job outlook for security guards in NYC and throughout the rest of New York is expected to continue to grow in coming years.