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Tennessee Security Guard License Procedure

In the state of Tennessee a person needs to be licensed and registered to work as a qualified security guard. The Tennessee security guard license needs to be renewed every 2 years, and can be obtained through the Tennessee department of regulatory boards. The minimum requirements for security licensing in Tennessee are very similar to most other states (18, citizen, clean record etc.).

For unarmed guards in Tennessee a person needs to have at least 4 hours of security guard training. Typically a person will complete these hours at the security company which hires them. Security companies know the states rules and regulations regarding licensing, and they are also aware of the process in order to acquire licensure. Most people hoping to become security guards in Tennessee begin their quest by simply applying to open guard jobs with local security companies. Once hired, the company will walk them through the process of getting all background checks, fingerprinting, training and drug testing. Often the costs of the security guard training and background checks come out of the pocket of the person who was hired by the company. Be aware of these additional costs and be prepared to cover them, otherwise you may risk losing an employment opportunity.

Armed Security Training – Tennessee Information

People who are looking to become armed security guards in Tennessee need to be hired and working for a security company before they can move to an armed guard status. A license will need to be applied for once the additional training is complete. The state of Tennessee takes armed guard licensing very seriously. They will not simply allow any unarmed security guard to become an armed guard. Armed security guards are required to undergo more background checks and even personal history checks to ensure that they are trustworthy individuals. Carrying a firearm on the job site is a very heavy responsibility and should not be taken lightly. There are many laws that need to be followed and known by the armed guards, regarding weapon use and safety within Tennessee and the United States. Armed security guard training will need to be completed by a certified instructor on the use, care and safety of the specific weapon which will be used while on the job.

The application fees in Tennessee for security guards is $75 along with a $30 registration fee. Fingerprinting costs an additional $60 and is required. For more information, or if you have additional questions you may call the TN Department of Commerce & Insurance – Private Protective Services – at 615-741-6382 or visit www.tn.gov for more information.