January 25, 2020
education for security guards

Education Requirements for Security Guards

The educational requirements to become a security guard vary from state to state. Whether or not being licensed is required depends upon whether or not the applicant wishes to go into armed or unarmed security as well as who the applicant chooses to work for. These factors cause the requirements to be a security guard to be vastly different. For example, bars and night clubs often only require their security force to follow local ordinances (if there are any), while armed guards or gaming security officers are required to go through extensive classes and training in order to obtain a […]
January 15, 2020
airport security jobs

Airport Security Jobs Overview

Airport security involves various professionals who implement and/or supervise various security programs in airports. Job Description Guards in this industry ensure the safety of passengers, the plane, and the airport. There are various positions in this field, but as a whole they: Patrol the airport Answer passenger questions Inspect passengers with metal detectors Look for dangerous items in passenger baggage that passes through an x-ray machine Assist during emergencies Skills As a result of the World Trade Center attacks of 9/11/01, competent employees in this position are more important than ever before. It takes a certain kind of person to […]
January 8, 2020
Online Education Security Training

Security Guard Online Course Options

Get ahead on your time with Online Classes In today’s busy lifestyle, it can be challenging to find a security guard training course that fits your schedule. Fortunately, there are many online course options to receive training and licensure to become a security guard. These options include local colleges and universities, online private colleges and universities, and private online schools that specialize in online security guard training. Although these options are readily available, it is important to research options specific to your state, as security guard licensing requirements vary widely from state to state. Local Colleges and Universities One option […]
December 1, 2019
Security Guard Levels

Understanding Security Guard Levels (Security Guard Ranks)

Understanding the Ranking System in the Security Field In the security field, ranking systems differ depending on the company. Generally, however, ranks range from watchman at the lowest rank to commander or chief at the highest rank. Here are the rankings and their meanings. Security officers may also have differing titles. Unarmed Security Guards Unarmed security guards typically have a lower training requirement and do not carry firearms. Unarmed security guard rankings are described below. Watchman A watchman is an entry-level security guard whose duties consist of watching only one location or position. A watchman typically does not carry any […]
November 16, 2019
Security Guard Reception Desk

Working Part Time as a Security Guard Offers Flexibility for a Second Stream of Income

There are many advantages to being a security guard. For some, it is not full-time work but a side hustle that helps supplement other income. Let’s examine some different types of people who might benefit from a part-time security guard job. Students:  As best stated by Forbes Magazine, one of the greatest jobs for a student is to work as a security guard. There are many security guard positions that revolve around having a guard be a physical presence and to report problems. As explained by Security Guard Training Central, often, these positions require that one sit in a lobby […]
November 8, 2019
Security Guard Interview

Common Security Guard Interview Questions

The field of security is an important part of the economy. Companies need security guards for a great many reasons. They need people who can help guard people in potentially dangerous situations. They also need employees who can make sure that the items they sell or hold temporarily are safe. A security guard may be called upon to do all sorts of tasks. Qualified people who know how to get everything done well are a must. Many people find this field that can help them use their talents to the fullest. If you are thinking about becoming a security guard, […]