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March 23, 2018
fire security guard companies

How Security Guard Companies Prevent Fires

Security guard companies and the guards that work for them play quite a large role in preventing fires for the companies they serve. The security guard can do many things to help prevent fires during their regular duties. While many other members of law enforcement respond to a crisis after it has happened, a security guard can work to prevent a fire hazard before it starts. There are quite a few things that a security guard can do to protect the employees and the businesses that are being guarded. Security Guard Companies Prevent Fires With Vigilance One of the main […]
March 17, 2018
fire security guard

Fire Security Guard – Essential for Property Managers/Construction Sites

One of the most important duties of property managers is ensuring that the property being managed is safe and secure from fire. Because properties and construction sites are highly vulnerable to fire outbreaks, it is critical for property managers to hire a fire security guard to ensure that fire destruction does not occur. Fire security guards not only protect the lives of property users, but also safeguard the owners from fire related losses. Despite the fact that maintenance of fire systems may be the responsibility of the property owners, in most cases, the owners delegate this responsibility to the property […]