Fire Security Guard – Essential for Property Managers/Construction Sites

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One of the most important duties of property managers is ensuring that the property being managed is safe and secure from fire. Because properties and construction sites are highly vulnerable to fire outbreaks, it is critical for property managers to hire a fire security guard to ensure that fire destruction does not occur. Fire security guards not only protect the lives of property users, but also safeguard the owners from fire related losses. Despite the fact that maintenance of fire systems may be the responsibility of the property owners, in most cases, the owners delegate this responsibility to the property and construction site managers.

fire security guardBenefits of Having Fire Security Guards

Fire security guards are people entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that properties or construction sites are secure and safe from fire. Their presence is crucial, especially, where properties and construction sites have not installed fire security systems. They are important because of the following:

  • They protect property owners

Compromising fire safety standards may land property owners in trouble. The owners may incur liabilities, including law suits, fines, and loss of property in the case of fire outbreak. Additionally, the occupants of the property may sustain serious physical injuries in the event of a fire outbreak. To avoid all these problems, property managers put in place safety precautions, and hiring fire security guards I one of the precautions.

  • Protection of Unfinished Structures

Property managers can put in place a number of safety measures to protect buildings under construction from fire. The measures are necessary, especially, when dealing with large construction projects located in large cities where there are other valuable properties that belong to other people. Such projects need the protection of fire security guards. In some cities such as New York, certain regulations exist to ensure that such projects are adequately protected from fire. The New York City fire regulations require every construction site without an installed fire security system to have a fire security guard.

  • They Prevent Loss of Lives

Guarding properties and construction sites against fire also means protecting the lives of the occupants or workers in those places. When a fire outbreak occurs, it sends the occupants and workers into panic. Some make irrational decisions of jumping from high buildings. Others fall down and die during the stampedes. In the circumstances of fire outbreak, the fire security guards are there to give direction and composure to people so to prevent death cases. They direct people to the safest exits from the scene.

Hiring a Qualified Fire Security Guard

When hiring fire security guards, it is advisable for the property and construction site managers to go for those with the right qualifications. This is because fire is a dangerous thing that should be handled with a lot of caution and expertise.

Generally, fire security guards undergo special training that equips them with the knowledge and skills needed in managing fire. They usually receive a license at the end of their training. The security training and licensing is usually done by local fire departments. Typically, the training program covers the following areas:

  • Fire alarm and security systems.
  • Card access.
  • Video monitoring.
  • Fire extinguisher training.
  • Fire protection equipment service.
  • 24-hour emergency services.
  • Operation of fire sprinkler systems.
  • Emergency lighting.

Responsibilities of Fire Security Guards

  • Ensuring that construction sites comply with fire safety regulations.
  • Evacuating property occupants in the event of fire outbreak and notifying the local fire department of the fire incidence.
  • Preventing people from entering the scene of fire.
  • Monitoring of fire alarms and CC TV cameras.
  • Compiling reports about what they observed during security patrols to help determine the cause of fire outbreak.

The work of fire security guards may involve spending most of their time on feet. They have to patrol the property most of the time in order to detect any signs of fire outbreak early enough. Some fire security guards may spend most of their time sitting at property entrance. The job may also involve working in shifts to ensure that the property is well safeguarded against fire at all times.

In a nutshell, managing a property or construction site may be a nightmare if there is no fire security guard to take care of fire safety. Besides ensuring that properties and construction sites run smoothly, property managers have the responsibility to ensure that properties or sites comply with fire safety regulations as outlined by local fire departments. Fire outbreak is, perhaps, the most serious thing that can go wrong at a property or construction site. Because of the serious threat that fire poses, it is necessary for property managers to ensure that fire security guards are part of their staff. This is crucial, especially, in properties or sites where fire security systems have not been fully installed or operational.

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