How to Hire a Security Guard for Events

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Hosting an event is one way to bring a group of individuals together for a cause or a purpose. Whether you are planning an upcoming gathering for family and friends or even for a corporate event, ensuring your event is secured at all times is a top priority. Before hiring a security guard or a security company for any events you have planned and in mind, there are a few tips to keep in mind to protect yourself and those who attend.

Conduct Adequate Research

Whenever you are in the process of hiring a security guard or a security detail team for an event, it is highly advisable to conduct thorough and adequate research. Complete background checks on any security guards you are interested in hiring. Compare and review professional training and certifications if they are necessary for your state or where you are planning to host your event. By researching and verifying the professionalism of a security guard or firm, it is much easier to choose a team ran individual to best represent and protect you at your upcoming event.

Ask for References

Never be afraid to ask for references from prospective security guards or security guard firms that you are thinking of hiring. Asking for references is not only a way for you to speak with past clients of security guards you are interested in, but it is also a way to gauge the responses you receive. Individuals or security firms who are hesitant or resistant about sharing references may not be suitable to protect you, especially if they are attempting to hide something. Most security guards and firms that are looking for work will be more than happy to provide personal and professional references in hopes of landing another gig for themselves.


Before you hire an individual security guard or an entire company of security guards, be sure to verify that your choice is fully insured and prepared to take on their jobs. A security guard or a security agency that is not fully insured or licensed may put you ar financial and legal risk if there is an accident or an incident that occurs, even while they are on the job. Always verify that any security guard or security company you are interested in is properly licensed and insured for the city and state you currently reside in.

If you choose to hire a security guard that is not licensed or insured, you may be financially and legally liable if they are injured or hurt while on the job. Protecting yourself is the top priority when you are searching for a security guard or team to hire, which is why it is imperative to remember to thoroughly research your options before settling on a decision that is right for you.

In addition to verifying that an individual’s own insurance and licensing is in place, it is also important to ensure that the licensing and insurance are both updated and current.

Find the Right Fit

Not all security guards are trained to work at music events or festivals. Similarly, not all security guard firms are well-equipped and trained to work overnight shifts or in top-secret locations. Finding the right fit can ultimately mean the difference between feeling secure or wishing you had found an alternative hire.

Before choosing a security guard or a security firm to best represent and protect your planned upcoming event, it is highly recommended to get to know each individual guard or agency you are thinking of using. Ask about the professional experience along with industries that the security guards you are considering are familiar with both personally and professionally. Inquire about professional training, licensing, and certifications that are currently held by security professionals or agencies you are thinking of hiring.

Get to know more about how security guards are monitored or held accountable, especially if you are thinking of working with an entire security guard firm or agency. Ask how individual guards or security firms intend to keep your event safe and what type of safety protocols they intend to implement and use. The more familiar and comfortable with the duties of a security guard, the easier it is to find an individual security guard or a security firm and agency that you can trust and rely on for your own upcoming events and security needs.

Understanding the significance of hiring a professional security guard or security firm is essential whether you host events regularly for loved ones or even for business purposes. The simple presence of a security guard can help to ensure guests of their safety as well as your own. With the right security guard or security firm, gain peace of mind while knowing that you are safe, regardless of the size and location of any event you have planned.