2020 Airport Security Salary Report

airport security

Many people travel by plane for business as well as pleasure. It is the duty of an airport security guard to help ensure that all travelers depart and return from their destinations safely, and each individual takes their job seriously. There are multiple job positions that ensure the safety of all travelers; for instance, a transportation security screener is responsible for screening air travelers, luggage, and even cargo that is shipped by plane. Whereas, a flight attendant has the role of offering comfort and handling issues that may arise during travel. Pay varies from job to job, and we will take a look at what the current pay scale is for airport security for 2020 to help you better choose between the position that best suits your qualifications.

Annual Salaries

As of 2020, an airport transportation security officer can expect to make a little over $38,000 per year; a security officer also makes a little more than $38,000 annually. However, an airline security screener can expect to earn around $35,000 for the year, but each person can expect a varying pay scale. This is due to the fact that TSA pays according to rank within the Transportation Security Administration as well as performance and experience. These positions only require that an applicant has graduated from high school or can offer proof of an equivalent education.

There are other positions such as federal security directors and customer support managers; however, these applicants must have a higher degree to be considered for the job. Financial specialists also fall under the requirement for higher education, and the median pay for this position is approximately $49,000. A flight attendant differs in pay, however, their role is vital in reference to ensuring the safety of all travelers and the crew during flight. The current pay for a flight attendant is between $60,000-94,000. Regardless of the position that a person is hired for, on the job training is available for every employee.

Getting Hired

To better your chances of becoming a security guard at the airport, it is wise to consider taking security classes. There are multiple classes, however, they each offer the same basic training in regards to the skill set necessary for any security job position. For instance, you may consider choosing a class that helps educate the student in regards to the different aspects between an armed or unarmed security guard. As a guard who has had training and received a license you can expect to enter any position with a better pay grade as well as a slight advantage over other applicants.

Airports are always in need of quality applicants, and you can easily compare the compensation for different positions by visiting payscale.com. When you know what you should be paid for your level of experience, then you can easily ensure that you are starting out at a salary that is fair. Remember that it is not necessary to have a higher education for every position, however, it is always useful if you want to stand out from all other applicants.