How Security Guard Companies Prevent Fires

fire security guard companies

Security guard companies and the guards that work for them play quite a large role in preventing fires for the companies they serve. The security guard can do many things to help prevent fires during their regular duties. While many other members of law enforcement respond to a crisis after it has happened, a security guard can work to prevent a fire hazard before it starts. There are quite a few things that a security guard can do to protect the employees and the businesses that are being guarded.

Security Guard Companies Prevent Fires With Vigilance

fire security guard companiesOne of the main things that security guards can do to prevent fires is to exercise vigilance. Security guards can check and maintain any flammable materials and their containers and make sure that they are strong and have no leaks of any kind. They can also inspect all wires for frays and kinks and make sure that repairs are done before they can become a fire hazard. In addition, they can test all smoke detection units and make sure the batteries are changed on a schedule so that they are always in good working order. Also, they can keep the dates on all fire extinguishers checked to make sure that they are always ready if needed at a moment’s notice. Extinguishers should be tested periodically to make sure that they are still functioning properly.

Proper Planning to Handle Emergency Situations

Security guards are also able to deal with any problems through good planning and practice. In the case where a fire does occur, security guards can immediately implement a good plan to make sure that people are safe and damage is minimized. Security guard companies can implement an immediate evacuation plan to get all people who are working to immediate safety. They also must call emergency services as well as the shift supervisor or other personnel that must be called. The security guard also has a list of all employees for each shift so that all people can be accounted for after the evacuation plan has been carried out. They must also make sure that any areas which remain locked are unlocked quickly so that no paths for exits will be blocked. They also make sure that no person tries to re-enter the building. If many people are around, such as in a mall, the security guard must help get people evacuated through exits in an orderly, calm manner.

If a fire does occur and it is clearly small and containable, the security guard might be able to extinguish the fire. It is important for guards to be trained to be sure that they can recognize the difference in a small, containable fire versus a fire that has gotten out of control that needs the fire department to put it out. Guards must then make sure to begin evacuation procedures and report the fire immediately to emergency respondent. On occasion, a company might need a security guard to keep a check on flammable, toxic or hazardous substances. These things usually require specific training, but can be very helpful to keep the risk of fire down. These guards can be trained to inspect the containers that these flammable or hazardous materials are kept in so that leaks or breaks can be caught and reported immediately to prevent fires or other problems. In addition, guards may also need to keep a list of all employees so that they can check to make sure that each employee has been safely evacuated while waiting for the emergency personnel to arrive.

Security guard companies have a lot of responsibility and can truly make a major difference in the safeguarding of the buildings and businesses that they guard. It is important that all protocols and checks are in place so that the security guard can prevent problems that might contribute to a fire. In addition, all employees should be instructed to report any problems to the security guard as soon as they arise so that they can be reported properly and handled before a problem develops. Security guards can make a major difference in preventing fires in the buildings they guard. And, in the unlikely event that a fire still occurs, they can make sure that all people are evacuated quickly and respondents are immediately notified to keep the loss of life and property down to a minimum.

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