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security metal detector

security metal detectorNo two security wands are the same. In fact, they all do different things and accomplish different tasks. However, knowing what to look for when searching for the best handheld security metal detector wand is vastly important to ensure that you are getting the right product for your needs. After considering the different reviews for different products, we have created a list of the things to look for when shopping for a great security wand. We have also provided examples of some of the products that include these things to help you in your search. Here is what you need to know about finding the best security wand for your security guard training classes or job.

Security Metal Detector Features to Consider

  • Alerts – The alerts are important, especially in high traffic areas. You want to ensure that you have all the security you can get. The alerts on your metal detecting wand should change to allow you to recognize when you are coming across a piece of metal. The visual alerts are also important. Finding a wand that has lights on the side will help you recognize when you are coming across a piece of metal. The visual alerts allow for quicker sweeps during security checks. The GoerTek Hand Held Security Wand has both audible and visual alerts. It is also equipped with a vibration alert; the colors on the visual alert go between green and red depending on the metal source.
  • Sensitivity – There are two different types of sensitivity settings for metal detectors: high and low. Typically, you would only need a low setting for general security, but if you are working in a high traffic area, a high setting would be the better option. Instead of having two separate wands, why not go ahead and get a wand with sensitivity settings for each. A great option with two sensitivity settings is the Bounty Hunter Guardian Wand. This detects both bulky metal and pieces of metal, which is ideal for high traffic areas.
  • Area – When you are shopping for a security metal detector, you want to ensure that it will cover a large area and will be strong enough to detect things buried deep down. Just because the wand you are considering is larger does not mean that it will be the best to find the most metal. Instead, you should look for a smaller wand that is stronger in metal detection to help you be more adequate in your security. The Garrett SuperScanner Detector covers a 10-inch area, making it ideal for making a faster sweep but still getting the job done efficiently. This wand is also on the smaller side, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in coverage. In fact, it is better at detecting things in a wider area.
  • Battery – Battery life on a security device is vastly important. You do not want your security wand to fail while checking consumers due to a loss in the battery. When you begin to search for a security wand, look for one that has a long battery life to ensure that you have constant security going, resulting in less stress for yourself and your personnel. You can even search for things like rechargeable capabilities and more to prevent having to buy batteries all the time. The GoerTek Hand Held Security Wand has an incredible battery life of up to 40 hours non-stop. It can even be fitted with a rechargeable battery to make it easier for you when trying to recharge your security wand.
  • Warranty – You might not be considering it now, but eventually, you will consider the warranty on your handheld security wand. Warranties are a great idea because they can help cover you should something happen to your new security wand. Those with good warranties will typically cover the entire cost of the wand if something malfunctions or breaks. The Garrett SuperWand Metal Detector comes with a warranty that can go up to as long as 24 months. The warranty covers things like labor costs and parts to repair the wand should something happen.

Security is vastly important, and having the best handheld security metal detector wand is very important to ensure that your area stays secure. When you begin shopping for a security wand, you can use the criteria above to help you decide which wand has the best sensitivity, widest area, best alerts, longest battery life, and the best warranty. You can even use our quick reviews for each section to help you find the product that best suits your needs. Security is necessary, and for smaller or high traffic areas, having a security wand is a great way to ensure that nothing gets past you. Just a little research and shopping can help you get the best security wand to help you keep your area safe from harm and safe from perpetrators of all kinds.

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