Security Guard Tools You Should Avoid

security guard tools

It’s almost impossible to scroll through Facebook or browse your favorite blogs without being bombarded by a myriad of ads proclaiming the wonders of the latest security guard tools and gadgets. While many of these tools are beneficial for security professionals, many more are nothing but fancy marketing tactics. If you’re tired of trying to determine what tools are worth your money, it’s time to stop focusing on advertisements and begin thinking about how these tools can boost your safety, efficiency and productivity while on the job.

3 Security Guard Tools to Avoid

To help streamline this process, here’s a list of the absolute worst security guard tools and gadgets.

#1 – Gimmick or Novelty Knife Designs

Just because James Bond had a belt that could shoot missiles, or whatever fantasy design this character touted on his missions, doesn’t mean you should fall for such novelty items. While many security guards have fantasies of being a secret agent, leave the fictional tools where they belong.

Perhaps the most common of these gimmicky gadgets are novelty knives. From hidden knives in everyday items to integrated knives in clothing, these tools may sound cool, but are actually more harmful than beneficial. The biggest risk that comes with carrying a concealed knife like these comes down to reflexes and reaction. You may assume you’ll have enough forethought and resolve to unsheathe the knife from its hidden container, but in reality, incidents often happen too fast for your mind to process this action.

Moreover, unless you’re professionally trained to use a knife as a form of self defense, it’s possible that an assailant intercepts the knife and actually uses it against you. In many cases, security guards should avoid carrying potentially deadly weapons. Your job is to secure a property, not get in harms way or harm someone else.

#2 – Safety Whistle

This may surprise you, but safety whistles aren’t as effective for security guard duties as you may think. While whistles are an excellent way to gain attention during an incident, this situation can cause unnecessary risk for security guards. For example, you blow the whistle, which causes the thief to panic. At this point, he may run away or may try to subdue you from making noise. The majority of security guards are now outfitted with high-tech devices capable of silently alerting fellow guards and law enforcement, which reduces the risk of an assailant trying to harm the notifying guard.

#3 – Defense Umbrella

Lastly, self-defense umbrellas may seem cool, but in reality, they’re cumbersome. Not only are umbrellas rarely used by security guards, but this unique design does little to actually boost security and safety. The umbrella looks normal, but is made out of heavy and hard material, which can be used as form of self-defense during an attack. This may be a solid choice for civilians, but security guards are equipped with better and more efficient self-defense equipment. For example, flashlights are common accessories. These device illuminate your way while working at night, but can also be used to defend yourself from an unprovoked attack.

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