Why Hospital Security is a Great Job

hospital security

The day to day nature of a security guard depends in part on where you work. For example, working in security at a shopping establishment might involve interacting with customers and helping them solve problems. A security guard for an industrial complex after hours might focus on checking locks and securing the property from unwanted visitors. When you enter the security profession, you can look for the job that’s right for you. Each assignment comes with its own focus. One type of position you could consider is hospital security.

Hospital security is a great job in many ways. Your days are varied, the work is challenging, and you get to make an important difference in the lives of people that you serve.

hospital security

Why Hospital Security is a Great Job

  • It is Personable – When you work in hospital security, you can expect to have a lot of interaction with the public. They may need directions in the facility, they might need instructions about rules and protocol and they might need help knowing where to get a bite to eat or flowers for a patient. When you work hospital security, you’re often the face of the hospital. You’re called on to answer questions and provide guidance with sympathy and a smile.
  • It is Mentally Challenging – Part of providing great security in a hospital is knowing hospital policy and procedure. Hospitals have to comply with federal and state regulations that are quite extensive. It often falls to you to enforce these rules. You need to know when members of the general public are allowed access to certain areas of the hospital. In addition, you must know when law enforcement can enter the hospital grounds to ask for a blood test or for other information about a patient. The hospital depends on security guards to know these rules and enforce them. Knowing the rules can make a critical difference in helping your employer comply with applicable laws and provide great service for patients, their families and employees of the hospital.
  • It is Exciting – When you work hospital security, you don’t have to worry about getting bored on the job. With the constant flow of people, you can expect to stay busy. You can expect to do routine things like checking for locked doors and ensuring that restricted areas are protected. You’ll intervene with the occasional upset member of the public or a person who doesn’t want to follow hospital procedure. You may get involved in domestic disputes or call police when you witness other illegal activities. When you arrive for work, you don’t have to worry that’s nothing’s going to happen that day.
  • It is Fulfilling – When you work in hospital security, you help people through tough times. You can make a stressful situation a little bit better. You may have the opportunity to save a life. You keep the facility secure so that patients can focus on healing. Your work is critical to the hospital’s success and the patient’s experience. If you want to combine your career with community service, hospital security is a great choice.
  • Often Pays Well – Hospital security work is skilled work. You have to be able to learn and implement detailed procedures. You must provide customer service with a smile. You often have to intervene in tense situations. Hospitals usually fairly compensate their security guards for their critical and dedicated service. Hospital administrators often hope that security guards make a career out of service to the hospital. In addition to strong pay, you may also receive health benefits and other perks.
  • Job Security – All hospitals need security services. In good times and in bad, a hospital needs to provide adequate security. That means your job might be more immune to economic downturns than other professions.
  • Varied Hours – Hospitals need round the clock security. They often need more security at night. If you want to work non-traditional hours, hospital security is a great way to get a job that fits your life. If you want to be there when your kids get off the school bus or if you’re just not a morning person, there are options for you in hospital security. However, if you prefer traditional working hours, you have that option too.

Finding the Right Fit

Hospital security is a great fit for people who enjoy excitement and a challenge. Hospital security taps on many different skill sets such as learning detailed procedures and protocols and providing friendly customer service. You can expect a great deal of activity in your daily work.

In addition, hospital security guards often enjoy great pay and benefits. You can even work non-traditional hours if you prefer. Hospital security work promises interesting days, a chance to use your skills and compensation that reflects your contributions to the success of the hospital.

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