The Definitive Guide to Online Security Guard Training (2020 Edition)

online security guard training

Are you interested in becoming a security guard? Do you want to enroll in an accredited training program, but aren’t sure where to start?

The first step in starting a career as a security guard is education. Throughout the United States, there’s a myriad of institutions who specialize in crafting the theoretical and practical skills this profession requires. Along with teaching fundamental skill sets, training programs ensure you meet state requirements to work in this industry.

Although requirements vary from state-to-state, the need for valuable and effective training is universal. Unfortunately, everyone isn’t able to attend a traditional classroom setting. Thankfully, online security guard training programs offer the flexibility of distance learning education. While this is an excellent option for busy students, not all programs provide the necessary training to qualify for certification or state licensure.

If you’re interested in online security guard training opportunities, the most important step to take is contacting your state licensing board. After confirming the experience and education requirements, you can then begin your search for the best security guard training program.

Not sure where to start? Never fear, we’ve crafted the definitive guide to help prevent being scammed and to point you in the right direction to find the best online security guard training programs.

Is Online Security Guard Training Effective?

This is one of the most common questions asked by prospective security guards, and for good reason.

Unlike other licensed professions, which are relatively stationary, this career requires both sharp critical thinking skills and refined physical security techniques. As a security guard, you’re charged with the task of providing physical security. While unlikely, it’s necessary to hold a solid grasp of self-defense and protective skills.

As you can imagine, learning self-defense while sitting at your computer in a coffee shop isn’t the most effective training modality. However, this doesn’t mean online security guard training programs are worthless.

In fact, online training programs are swiftly becoming the preferred method for organizations and security guards. While you’ll need to engage in physical training programs to master the protection maneuvers, online coursework is proven to be an accessible, efficient and affordable method for learning.

So, to answer the question of online guard training effectiveness, yes, these professional programs offer the same quality of training as traditional classroom programs. In some cases, especially for those with limited time for training, online programs are the only way to receive their training.

The Qualities of Effective Online Security Guard Programs

Unfortunately, there are just as many scam schools as there are legitimate training institutions. These shady online programs offer classes that aren’t licensed or accredited by your state licensing board, or worse, provide inaccurate and potentially harmful information.

Even official training programs may not be right for you, such as not offering quality customer service support or device compatibility.

When searching for the best online security guard training programs, make sure your final selection features the following qualities.

#1 – Training Facility State License Number

Every state features different requirements for security guards and related training institutions. Before you begin, make sure to review these requirements. This is the most effective way to prevent being scammed or completing a training program not approved by your state.

Considering these difference, the majority of states require training institutions to hold an active license. For example, in California training institutions must hold an active State License Number, such as a TFF or TBB, to offer legally recognized security guard certifications. These licensing numbers describe the type of training the facility is approved to provide.

Failure to confirm the certification eligibility of a facility may mean even upon graduating, you may not be legally allowed to work as a security guard.

#2 – Physical Business or 100% Online Organization

Typically, security guard training institutions without a physical building aren’t recommended. While there are qualified programs offered by 100% virtual facilities, remember this is generally an exception not a standard.

When it comes to online security guard training, it’s often recommended to only deal with a facility that also offers traditional classroom training. Having a physical training facility makes it easier to contact the institution should you have any issues.

As you review potential institutions, look for a physical street address, not simply a P.O. Box. Enter the address in Google Street view to confirm its an actual training facility. If the building is newer than the latest Street view imagery, don’t immediately be alarmed if its present. Contact the facility and ask about its physical location during business hours.

#3 – Certificate of Completion Delivery

Convenience is the biggest benefit of an online security guard training program. However, this feature shouldn’t end after you’ve finished the curriculum.

Confirm the facility mails your Certificate of Completion upon graduation. More importantly, inquire about their policy for reissuing lost certificates. The best programs allow you to download the Certificate of Completion from your account dashboard and offers published standards for course certificates.

#4 – Student Account Archiving

There’s nothing worse than completing a training program, only to lose the certificate and not be able to retrieve a copy due to account deletion. One of the most important elements to look for in an online training facility is whether they archive student accounts.

While your actual account may become deactivated after a specified duration, the institution must maintain a permanent record of your programs, completion status and earned certificates.

#5 – Web Portal Security

Cybersecurity isn’t just an option, it’s an unwavering requirement. As hacking and malicious attacks advance cyber criminals tend to target small and large organizations. Essentially, any online company that stores sensitive customer or student data is at an increased risk of malicious attacks.

While even the largest of digital enterprises succumb to data breaches, SSL encryption and HTTPS configurations reduces this risk. Confirm the online platform used to enroll and access coursework features a thorough security protocol.

When reviewing a website for its security level, make sure its advertised site security seals are valid. Most online training facilities promote security protocols with seals. For example, GeoTrust, Norton and McAfee offer security seal images to confirm the site is protected. Make sure these seals are valid and not a forgery by clicking or hovering over the seal. If it’s legitimate, you’ll be redirected to the security company authenticating page, which displays the current date, time and seal status.

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